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What are tape-in extensions?

Tape-in extensions are thin, 1-inch wide pre-taped hair wefts that get “taped-in” around small sections of your hair in “sandwich” like bonds. They are minimally damaging and can be reused up to three times if properly maintained.

Generally, in-salon maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks. 

What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are customizable hair wefts sewn with thread into a section of hair secured at the scalp by a bead. They are even more low maintenance than tape-in extensions, as well as minimally damaging. The hair can be reused for up to a year with proper care at home.

Generally, in-salon maintenance is required every 6-8 weeks.

Our stylists currently offering these kinds of services are, Daniel, Brook, Megan, Anna, Maia, Ari, and Kim.



  Extension services can only be accurately booked and priced after a thorough consultation.

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