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  • Monika Knotts

5 Easy Ways To Dress Up Your Ponytail This Summer


Okay, I know I don’t need to say it, Floridians forget how to talk about anything else around this time of year, but I’ll say it anyway: It’s HOT. Sweltering, scorching, scalding - you get the idea. At times like this, there’s not much a girl can do to feel relief, but there are few things more satisfying than pulling your hair up into a ponytail on a hot day. Of course, you still have places to go and people to see, so here are a few tips and tricks to look hot and stay cool!

5 Easy Ponytail Styles For Summer


This is a classic way to make a simple ponytail into something a little more seamless and put-together. Simply grab a small section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail after using an elastic band to fix it in place, and wrap it around the elastic band, camouflaging it.

Use a bobby pin to secure the piece of hair at the base of your ponytail and voila!

2. Bold and Braided

If your fingers are nimble enough, there are dozens of braids you can do to make a ponytail look less like an afterthought. However, for those of us who have a harder time with our dexterity, there are still options!

Try taking a section from the front of your hair and doing a simple three-strand braid, securing it with an elastic band just past your chin. This way, when you pull your hair up, the braid will flow seamlessly into the look.

3. The Flip-Through

This one is almost too easy, and looks elegant enough to wear to any summer event.

Pull your hair into a ponytail, but secure the elastic band an inch or two away from your head. Use your fingers to separate the hair above the elastic band, and flip the ponytail through the hole you’ve created; then pull it through the bottom. Split the ponytail in half, holding a half in each hand, and tug to tighten the elastic band. That’s it!

4. Bump it!

For a more romantic look, try adding some volume!

Take ½ inch sections at the crown of your head and back comb the hair, making sure to leave enough hair at the top to smooth over your work. Pull your hair up and smooth until you’re satisfied with the look. To frame your face, try pulling some pieces out at the hairline after securing the elastic band.

5. Hey, Slick

For a more sleek and modern look, a slicked-back pony is just the thing.

After combing your hair backwards, use a strong-hold hairspray and a boar bristle brush to shellack your hair into place. Secure with an elastic band and gently run over it again with the boar bristle, locking down any fly away hairs. Hit it one more time with the hairspray for insurance purposes.


While we really have no choice but to endure these next few months of heat and humidity, that doesn't mean we can't endure them in style.

So here’s to another Florida summer - May you always have sunscreen when you need it, and may your ponytail always look poppin’!

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