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4 Ways To Style Long Hair: 2018 Summer Hair Trends

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Long Hair Don't Care

If you’ve ever taken the time to grow your hair out long, you know how attached you can get to those luscious locks. While I fully understand the hair-xiety, it’s important to mix things up every now and then, to avoid landing yourself in a rut aesthetically. There are plenty of little tricks your stylist has for freshening up your ‘do without sacrificing much of the length you’ve worked so hard to preserve.

4 Ways to Style Your Long Hair

1. Long Layers

Asking your stylist for long layers is a great option for some relief this summer, as it releases weight and creates movement in the cut. This is great for: Pretty much anyone, your stylist can tailor long layers to suit you and your hair type.

2. Soft face framing

If you feel like your hair just hangs in your face, and prefer not to rock hippie look, ask your stylist to cut some face framing. This will open the haircut around your face and soften the overall silhouette. Bonus points because it’ll spice up any updo you might come up with to beat the heat! This is great for: Pretty much anyone, but especially people with straight hair, it’ll add a little pizazz.

3. Weight removal

If you’re someone who doesn’t to see a lot of layering in your locks, ask your stylist about removing weight from the interior of the haircut. This will make you feel lighter, and make your hair lay nicely without excessive styling. This is great for: People with thick, heavy, coarse, or curly hair. Let that hair breathe, honey!

4. Keratin treatments

If you’re happy with your cut, but wish your hair behaved better on these humid summer days, inquire about a keratin treatment. They start at $250, but will last you all summer long, make your hair air dry and blow dry more quickly, and eliminate frizz from the equation. This is great for: Anyone prone to frizz and flyaways.


So, if you’re not quite on board with getting a proper chop, give one of these a go! It’ll make you feel shiny and new, and ready to face the summer with hair-flips galore.

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