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The Looped Bun: 2018 Summer Hair Trends

Hot Styles For Straight Hair

Some say long, straight hair doesn’t go well with the summer weather.

We say a Looped Bun is the loophole you need to beat the heat!

It’s not a new hairstyle by any means, but rocking the bun is definitely in style.

The Looped Bun is simple to create, easy to maintain throughout the day, and trendy for various summer activities. It’s especially great for the days you’re running late or are in a hurry.

Whether you’re planning on heading to the beach for the day or you're going out for a quick bite to eat with friends, the Looped Bun is the look for you!

Let’s learn how to style it…

How To Style The Perfect Looped Bun

Creating this hairstyle isn’t difficult, but it does require a little bit of preparation.

A few things to know before getting started:

  • The Looped Bun is best achieved with medium to long straight hair

  • Using de-frizzing shampoo and conditioner is highly recommended

  • All you'll need is a hair brush, a hair tie, and a blowdryer

*To achieve a Looped Bun with wavy and curly hair, you’ll just need to use stronger hair products

Let's get started on styling a perfect Looped Bun!


Start off by washing your hair with Bb. Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner or similar products to get your hair super clean and soft.

Work a dab of this magical shampoo evenly throughout your hair and then wash it thoroughly.

Repeat this step with conditioner.

Both will de-frizz and smoothen your hair!

2. Blow Out To Straighten

Time to grab your hairbrush, blowdryer, and hair clips!

First, use your hair clips to separate your hair into four equal parts. This will make it easier to dry your hair evenly.

Next, turn your blowdryer to the Hot setting and start blowdrying your hair section by section. Position your hairbrush so that it's under the your hair facing upwards with the blowdryer above your hair pointing downwards towards the brush.

Slowly run your brush through your hair while following it with the blowdryer.

Follow this step throughout each individual section until is almost dry.

Lastly, lock in that straight and smooth look by switching to your Cool setting for a few minutes.

It may take some time to fully dry your hair, so be patient. Remember, all great things (and Looped Buns!) come in due time.

3. MAKE IT SHINE (Optional)

To really make this hairstyle shine, use Bb. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray to control the frizz!

Be sure to shake your hair spray for a few seconds.

Begin to spray from about 10 inches away from your hair, moving evenly from top to bottom.

Finish this step by gently working a hairbrush, or your fingers, throughout your hair.

4. Time To Loop

Finally! We’re ready to complete the look.

Get your hair tie and wear it on the wrist of your less dominant hand.

Using both hands, pull all your hair backwards into a high ponytail position. Make sure you’re getting all those fly-aways by pulling back your hair 3-5 times.

Use your less dominant hand to hold the ponytail against your head. Next, use your other hand (the dominate hand) to fold the ponytail in half to create a loop, holding it in place with the thumb of your less dominant hand.

Next, slide the hair tie over the loop with your dominant hand, wrapping it around the base of the loop against your head. Twist the hair tie and slide it over the loop again until your looped bun is secured in place.

And that's it! Now you have the perfect Looped Bun and you're ready to hit the town with style!

For added effect, try spreading the loose hairs under the loop in a random or stylistic fashion.

Ready To Get The Look?

Look your absolute best after an appointment with one of our amazing stylists! They can help you pick the right style and products to match your hair type. Book your next visit now!

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