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3 Easy Hairstyles For Going Back To School

Good-bye Summer

As summer comes to a close (RIP staying in PJs until noon), it’s time to finish up those summer reading projects and, more importantly, start planning what you’ll wear on your first day back.

It’s only good etiquette to put your best foot forward on the first day of school, from head to toe, and we are here to help. We know that it’s not easy prying yourself out of bed after that first ring of the alarm clock, and we’ve collected some super simple first-day hairstyles; so go ahead, hit snooze one more time.

3 Quick Hairdos For Back to school

1. Half Up, Half Down

Sometimes you just need the hair out of your face, but you also need to make it fashion, so, here are some tutorials on how to get the best of both worlds without being late for school.

2. Beachy Waves

Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean you can’t take the beach vibes with you to school. Here are some tutorials to doing so even if you’re in a rush, with heat, or without.

3. Boho Braid

Bohemian styles are great because it’s like, “Did I sleep in this braid last night, or is it like that on purpose?” Maintain the mystery, perfection is overrated.


Look at that, you look great! Don’t forget your lunch, or your books, and —one more thing — knock ‘em dead on your first day. It’s going to be a great year if you’re starting it off with that hair!

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