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5 Places On Mills To Rock Your New Hair

Work That New 'Do

Doesn’t it feel like such a waste to go straight home after getting your hair done? After all, recreating that awesome blowout that your stylist gives you is no small task, and certainly not one you can accomplish everyday. But, I get it, you worked this morning, you’re tired, and it’s a Tuesday; you are not making a huge effort to go out and be seen. Luckily, you get your hair done at J. Bauman, on Mills Ave, one of the most eclectic areas of Orlando.

I, personally, love Mills; I live on Mills, work on Mills, and still spend much of my free time frequenting the many restaurants, shops, and bars on Mills. So, even if you’re not willing to move your car out of our parking lot, here are five places I love on Mills, where you will definitely get compliments on your new ‘do.

5 Places In Downtown Orlando To Rock Your New Hair

1. Lil’ Indies

With a homey, low key atmosphere, a lovely staff, and two-for-one happy hour, it’s not surprising that Indies is by far my favorite bar. Located directly across the street from the salon, this place is my go-to. It’s a chill place to catch up with friends, and they feature some amazing local artists and musicians a few nights a week. It’s usually populated by regulars (guilty), but the bartenders are friendly and welcoming, so it’s very easy to understand why people keep coming back. So, go ‘head girl, grab a drink and stay to chat. Tell them we sent you!

2. Hawkers

Peckish after sitting in that salon chair for so long? Walk directly next door and grab some Asian street food to satiate you. Hawkers is a Mills staple, and if you’re looking for a laid back experience with exceptional food, this is the place for you. The staff is just as colorful as the murals painted out front, and the selection of craft beers is a perfect pairing with the small-plates style of dining. My favorite dishes? The twice-fried Korean wings, Hong Kong Wonton soup, and Roti Canai for sure.

3. Tako Cheena

If you’re looking for good food fast, check out this Asian-Latin fusion joint that us locals frequent. With unique, yet surprisingly delicious menu items like the Japa-Dog (Sweet sausage with cucumber, avocado, cabbage, spicy mayo, and wasabi) this is the place to go if you’re looking for a meal that is far from mundane. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is attentive, friendly, and hip to boot, so they’ll definitely notice your fabulous fresh hair.

4. Guesthouse

For a more upscale feel, without the upscale prices, check out happy hour at The Guesthouse. This place is decorated in a clean, modern style, and is the perfect place to meet up with friends and have a few cocktails. You’ll see all the young professionals in the area assembling for that after-work drink, but more importantly, they’ll see you, and your blowout!

5. Retromended

If you’re not looking for food or drink, perhaps a bit of light shopping is in order. Retromended is a small vintage shop that is doing big things; they’ve been featured at several big events, such as Dapper Day at Disney World. In their Mills storefront, they feature dozens of vintage pieces curated by the shop’s owner and employees, who are all definitely people that I would take fashion advice from. Find a blast from the past that will fit perfectly in your wardrobe, not to mention that nothing goes better with a hair transformation than a new outfit!


If you decide to give my beloved corner of the world a peruse, you’ve got to try at least one of these places. The best part is that, just like when you get your hair done by us, you’ll be supporting local, small businesses. So, enjoy your hair, enjoy the fruits that Mills has to offer, and let no fresh blowout fo unseen!

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