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  • Monika Knotts

3 Must-Try Date Night Hair Styles

This time of year feels so romantic, doesn’t it? With cooler temperatures approaching, you’re going to want someone to snuggle up to, so you’ll probably have to go on a few dates. Luckily, there’s no need to stress about how you’ll woo your potential mate with your hair, there are plenty of simple-yet-alluring looks to choose from!


Loose waves

For a classic romantic look, nothing works better than a curling wand. Curl your hair, and after letting it cool for a bit, rake through the curls with your fingers to break them up and soften the look. For extra volume and hold, lift hair at the root and mist with Bumble and Bumble’s Does It All.

Half-up ponytail

Going for something even more flirty? Section the hair you just curled by putting a finger at each temple and bringing them around to meet in the back. Take the hair above your fingers and secure it with an elastic or scrunchie, and pull it tight.


If you’d prefer to wear your hair straight, try parting it down the middle and working any kinks out with a flat iron. This look is elegant, classic, and easy!


The overarching theme here is not to work too hard to impress a date, but being the best version of yourself is never a bad thing. Above all else, make sure you like that beauty in the mirror, and the boys (or girls) will follow suit! Good luck!

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