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How To Choose The Hair-do That Suits You

Have you ever left the salon a little confused as to why Emma Watson looked so cute with that bob in the photo you found on Pinterest, but you feel more like Lord Farquaad from the critically acclaimed movie Shrek? This could potentially have something to do with how the haircut compliments your face and head shape.

Fortunately, there are ways to analyze your face shape ahead of time so that you can predict how your new look will on you! To do this, you must take into consideration the widest part of your face, the shape of your jaw, and the length of your face.

What Style fits your head shape?


A heart shaped face is one with a pointed chin, equal length and width, and a wide forehead. Bangs are a great way to add proportion to the face, whether side-swept or straight across. Layering around the face, and minimal volume at the crown will soften this face’s features.


Your face shape would be described as round if the width and length of the face are of similar proportions, with a rounded chin. To elongate a rounded face, hair length past the chin is best, with little to no volume on the sides of the hairstyle, and moderate volume on top.


The length and width of a square face are similar, the chin has minimal curve, and the jaw is angled. Side-swept bangs are a great way to soften the angles of a square face, and incorporating soft face framing into hair that falls past the shoulders has a similar effect.


With an oval face, the jaw and chin are rounded, but the length of the face is greater than the width. This face shape compliments many hairstyles, but moderate volume at the sides, and minimal volume at the crown will make the face appear more symmetrical.


Diamond shaped faces most likely have high cheekbones, pointed chins, and narrow foreheads, making the widest part of the face the jaw and cheekbones. Horizontal volume in a hairstyle will create balance, and layers can soften the angles of this face shape.


The next time you’re staring at yourself in your stylist’s mirror, remember that you’ve done your homework this time, and you’ll be able to rock your new cut with confidence!

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