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A Few Quick Tips On Achieving Healthy Hair

Chances are, if you have healthy hair, you’re not reading this article. I picture all of those healthy-haired heathens frolicking in a field somewhere, laughing about how they haven’t had to purchase a repair mask in years, if ever, and braiding each other’s shiny tresses; but definitely not looking up articles about how to know if their hair is healthy or not. I’m not bitter.

So, let’s talk about your hair, then. You’re probably here because you’ve done one of two things: either you’ve chemically or mechanically damaged your hair, and you’re looking for an antidote. Firstly, what’s the difference between chemical and mechanical damage? Chemical damage is caused by any chemical service, i.e. bleaching, coloring, perming; while mechanical damage is caused by things like heat-styling with irons or a blow dryer. If you had no idea that there was a difference, welcome to step one of your journey back to healthy hair: identifying the problem. In the following paragraphs, I’ll outline some steps you can take to nurse your hair back to health before you can say ‘split ends’!

5 Ways To Nurse Your Hair Back To Good Health

Get a haircut, ya hippie!

This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people want to hold on to every last damaged inch of hair. If you’re noticing split or frayed pieces near the ends of your hair that will just not lay nicely, no matter how much product or heat styling you use, it’s time for a trim. In actuality, you should be getting your hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks for longer hair, and every 4-6 weeks for shorter cuts to keep it healthy.

Wash your hair less

This is a gift I am giving you; the permission to stop washing your hair. When you wash your hair, you’re stripping the oils from it, and there is no reason to be doing that every single day. So, stock up on dry shampoo, because ideally, you should only be washing once or twice a week. You’re welcome.

Upgrade your products

Speaking of washing your hair, let’s talk about what you’re using. If you’re concerned about the health of your hair, you need to be investing in good products, from shampoo to hairspray. For chemically damaged hair, try Bumble and Bumble’s Mending shampoo and conditioner, and for mechanical damage, try their Quenching system. These products are designed to heal hair like an antibiotic would heal an infection, and you should only have to finish one bottle of shampoo and conditioner to see results, and should then switch to something else.


There are tons of hair masks on the market, and if you’re not using one weekly, you should be. Ask your stylist which they would specifically recommend you, but my favorites for chemical damage are Olaplex No. 3 and Moroccan Oil’s Repair mask, and for mechanical I prefer Bumble and Bumble’s While You Sleep.

Heat protectants

Finally, if you’re heat styling your hair without any heat protectant, literally what are you doing? A good one for nearly everyone, aside for those with baby-fine hair, is Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, which offers protection up to 450 degrees, as well as UV protection, which is great if you like preserving your hair color.


Armed with these tools, you now have everything you’ll need to make sure your hair is healthy again before you know it. My additional advice is to be diligent, it won’t happen overnight, and you’ll still want to do regular maintenance to make sure your hair isn’t damaged past the point of manageability. So schedule that trim, girl, and we’ll see you soon!

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