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  • Monika Knotts

4 Hair Styling Tools You Cannot Live Without

These days, it feels like there are an overwhelming amount of styling tools out there, and more gadgets are being released all the time. With the over-saturation of these newfangled things on social media, it’s hard to tell which products are legit and which are just Instagram hype. Luckily for you, I’ve researched some of the tools that I’ve seen around social media, and gotten the internet’s consensus on them so that you’ll know what’s what before whipping out your wallet.

Styling Tools For Your Next HairDo

Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer, $399

The priciest thing on this list by far, and the subject of much interest online, Dyson has definitely shaken up the industry with the release of this ultra-lightweight dryer.

Positive reviews say: Lightweight, cuts down on drying time dramatically, good for coarse and curly hair

Negative reviews say: cord is bulky and hard to store, hard on already damaged hair

Overall: The Dyson seems to successfully accomplish everything it advertises, and may be worth the investment!

MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Straightening Brush, $42

The heated brush that claims to straighten hair in half the time that a flat iron would, this product piqued the internet’s interest when it first hit shelves, but does it live up to expectations?

Positive reviews say: Takes less time than flat ironing, heats up quickly, works on thick and curly hair

Negative reviews say: Hard to get close to the scalp, electric shock when plugging in, more frizz than flat ironing

Overall: This one was tough because, while there were definitely fa more positive reviews than negative ones, the negative reviews implied inconsistent manufacturing, so this purchase might be a gamble.

Curlformers Spiral Curls Styling Kit, $70

You’ve almost definitely seen this goofy-looking, Shirley Temple-esque product on your timeline at some point. It claims to give gorgeous spiral curls without applying any heat to the hair.

Positive reviews say: Curls are long lasting, works well on naturally curly hair

Negative reviews say: uncomfortable to sleep on, hard to thread hair through curlers, can cause breakage in fine hair

Overall: It seems like these are a great option for a specific demographic, women of color with natural hair. While it can work for other types of hair, results are inconsistent, proceed with caution.

Hair Flair Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $19

Mimicking the hood dryers that you’d find in the salon, this blow dryer attachment may look silly, but does it get the job done?

Positive reviews say: Perfect for roller sets, made from durable material, good for use with conditioning treatments

Negative reviews say: Burning plastic smell, difficult to keep attached to blow drier, inconsistent manufacturing

Overall: Again, this product seems to work sometimes, for some people, buyer beware.


In conclusion, the point to be reiterated here is that you can’t always trust what you see online. However, a lot of these products had as many good reviews as bad ones, so I suppose the viability of them is subjective. Either way, may your future internet purchases be well informed, and may you always have good hair days.

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