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  • Monika Knotts

Four Questions To Ask Your Stylist

The stylist-client relationship is sacred, and when you’ve found the one, you’ll know. Just like in any other relationship, communication is key, on both sides. If you’re too timid to be forthcoming with your hopes and dreams for your hair, or are unsure of anything, but don’t voice it to your stylist, there’s a chance you may be underwhelmed with the results. So, what’s the solution? Go into your next appointment armed with the right questions, and chances are you’ll be one step closer to your hair goals.

Four Questions To Ask Your Stylist

1. What do you think is realistic and attainable for my hair today?

This question paired with a photo of what your ultimate hair goal is, and a bit of understanding that Rome wasn’t built in a day, can go such a long way. This will allow your stylist to educate you on the process you’ll be undergoing, and the results you should expect. Some colors can take several sessions to achieve, and it’s better to have realistic expectations from day one.

2. What is the maintenance like for the color/cut that I want?

Certain colors and cuts require frequent salon visits to upkeep, which is not only a time commitment, but a financial commitment as well. It’s best to be aware of this before any services are performed, so that you and your stylist can come up with a plan that suits your schedule and your budget.

3. Are there any products I should be using to maintain my hair?

Along with in-salon maintenance, there are occasionally things you’ll have to make a part of your at-home routine to maintain or even restore your hair. Ask your stylist what they recommend, and be prepared to purchase a product or two to make sure that the money you’ve spent on your hair color/style doesn’t get washed down the shower drain when you’re left to your own devices.

4. What’s the total price going to be today?

I get it; it’s awkward to bring up money in any conversation, but it’s necessary in this one. Ask for an estimate during the consultation, so there’s no sticker shock at the end of the appointment. If the stylist’s quote is out of your price range, they can work with you to figure out options within your budget.


If you’re looking to find “the one”, consider popping these questions at your next appointment, and you might just meet your match!

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