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Stop Damaging Your Hair: How To Straighten Your Hair Like A Hairstylist

With cooler, less humid weather on the horizon, those of us that might normally forfeit styling our hair due to the inevitable ruining of the style by the elements, have hope. More simply put, ‘tis almost the season where straightening your hair will last more than a few hours. Bearing this in mind, let’s talk about the basics of flat-ironing, because the only thing that should be burning this season is the candle in your jack-o-lantern.

Best Practices For Flat Ironing Your Hair


Before you even turn on your flat iron, there are steps you should be taking to prepare your hair for the heat it will be subjected to. This means putting a heat protectant in your hair after washing (I like Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, which provides both heat protection and UV protection), combing it through, and allowing hair to become 100% dry. Putting direct heat on damp or wet hair can be extremely damaging, and will not allow the style to set correctly, so this step is vital.


When flat ironing, it is important to take thin enough sections that you won’t have to pass over the hair more than a couple of times to get the hair straight. I like to guide my flat iron with a medium-tooth comb to ensure there are no snags or tangles, and to make sure no kinks are ironed into the hair. Avoid the urge to run your fingers through freshly ironed hair, it adds longevity to the style if the hair is able to cool completely before it is touched.


To lock in all of your hard work, finish with light hair spray (like Bumble and Bumble’s Does It All), and/or an anti-humidity/anti-frizz spray (like Living Proof’s Anti-Humidity Spray, or Bumble’s HIO Dry Oil Spray). This will allow you to rock your sleek look all day long.


Stock up on your products, and start preparing your biceps for the workout that is straightening your hair. Oh, and don’t forget to take an array of selfies to reminisce upon when summer rolls around again!

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