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  • Monika Knotts

3 Simple Hairstyles For Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are a few elements that are key; family, togetherness, and mashed potatoes. Without these, the spirit of Thanksgiving would be nonexistent. However, there is another factor of the holiday, thinly veiled by the carbs and parades: the need to be presentable to the extended family that will attend the dinner and, inevitably, have plenty to say

That said, we’re here to help with the aspects of this that are in our area of expertise. So, without further ado, here are three hairstyles to rock to Thanksgiving dinner that will impress the fam without adding a helping of stress to your dinner plate.

3 SIMPLE Hairstyles To Impress at Thanksgiving


An easy way to quickly polish up messy hair, a curling wand and some texture spray will be your best friends. Simply wrap large sections around the wand, leaving the ends straight for a fun, beachy look to bring some sunshine to the table.

Sleek ponytail

If you’re more interested in keeping hair out of your way in your endeavors to reach tryptophan nirvana, the ponytail is your look. Use a brush (boar bristle for maximum smoothness) and some strong hold hairspray to make sure each hair is in its place before securing it with a elastic, or perhaps a scrunchie or ribbon for extra flair.


An easy way to create the illusion of extra effort is to create a simple three-strand braid, and leave a little room between the end of the braid and the elastic. Then, grab either side of the braid and pull it gently to create an elegant, romantic look.


And with that, find your most stylish pair of elastic-waistband pants and enjoy the meal, worry free (about your hair, at least!). Bon appetit!

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