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Milan, Paris, New York- Orlando? Even our small city can pull off these cool looks, in 90 degree weather to be exact! Here's to welcome you into the season is our J. Bauman Autumn / Winter Photoshoot. Created by fellow hairstylists, Katrina Elbo and Carly Palensky, both inspired by boho chic vibes, fall tones, and of course huge hair transformations on our beautiful muses, Bettina Tran and Kaitlin Jones. Along to capture this hair venture is professional photographer Jason Cordoba, and talented makeup artist Pegah. With their skills combined created a photoshoot that tapped into 70s flair as well as some bohemian whimsy. Keep reading for the behind the scenes scoop on how this duo turned their models from anything but basic.

Autumn/Winter Boho Photoshoot 2018

The shoot was planned a couple months ahead of time in order to reach the specific models who met their criteria, which was only 2 things, they had to have modeling experience, and they had to agree to whatever the stylists desired to do to their hair. It was a large undertaking because they had to come in for multiple services, color corrections, extensions, cuts, styling, what have you, they did it.

Dark to Silver

Starting with Bettina, she was the perfect person for this certain transformation because she had all natural dark hair, meaning no previous color history that was going to contaminate a smooth transition to her becoming a cool blonde. Bettina's hair was longer than mid back, so to "platinum card" her, the appointment was booked for 7 hours between 2 stylists working on her at the same time.

Model: Bettina Tran - @oohdarling27

A Platinum Card, is a technique used by foiling the client's whole head for a controlled lightening experience, that lifts the hair to the full extent to blonde, but is a lengthy process and may still need multiple visits to achieve a complete platinum look.

Starting from the nape of the neck using Pulp Riot Lightener, the two stylists worked side by side with long Framar foils, to give custom lengths needed to reach her long hair. Foiling alone took 1 1/2 hours, then running washes here and there, making sure the hair in the foils have reached their full capacity before breakage or for any chemical damage to appear, as well as trying to use as little heat as possible because with the weight of all the foil packed on her head she was already producing enough heat on her own. After the last foils on her head matched the previous foils from the back, already rinsed from processing time, they then lightened her base till' it matched her ends. The next step to getting the desired cool color blonde was to tone all the underlying yellow pigment, unearthed from the bleach, expected when coming from what other's may seem as natural black hair.

The end result was breathtaking! For her styled look for the photoshoot, she was parted down the middle and blown out like Farrah Fawcett, and adorned with two simple braids clasped with gold hoops. Her silver hair really stuck out, but complimented her mustard laced dress perfectly!

Model: Bettina Tran - @oohdarling27

Hot Faux Fro

For the next model Kaitlin, she came in with her own color correction herself. As a cosmetologist too she was already working her way from a dark brunette to blonde. Carly and Katrina decided to give her a boost by doing some Highlights and Balayage. Carly first foiled her crown and hairline making sure majority her base really popped. Katrina then finished off by Balayaging her ends, which is a technique that is used to hand paint lightener onto the hair, creating a natural effect. Since Kaitlin has been doing multiple steps previously to get herself light, the stylists used Olaplex to ensure that the bonds of her hair holds strong not only for her look but longevity of healthy hair.

Model: Kaitlin Jones - @kaitlinjonez

For some fun color, after being lightened, Kaitlin then sits down for some true fall tones, with the help of Pulp Riot's new colors, Countess and Cleopatra. One being a vampy red, while the other resembling a rose copper gold. Added to the Mix, Carly helped install Hot Heads hair tape -in extensions to give the hair a fuller look as well as some awesome length.

Kaitlin's photoshoot hair transformation was a stunner, styled with a classic faux fro with silver clasps to the side of her head, fully teased. Her flared out denim and her big wild hair was like a modern day twist to the throwback flick Almost Famous, homage to our very own Penny Lane.

Model: Kaitlin Jones - @kaitlinjonez

Rollins Roadtrip

The day of the photoshoot was a frenzy of excitement, all caught on film by Jason Cordoba, the main photographer for this boho fashion shoot. Check out his website for his own blog and video clips, as well as his impressive portfolio, ranging from heartwarming Weddings, to stunning landscape photography, some right in our own backyard. His videos showcases the whole day, from the J Bauman salon preparation to the behind scenes journey of everyone involved jumping from one place to another, finding the best place to capture the theme.

When committing to planning this elaborate shoot, they created a mood board that highlighted all the special elements that were needed in order to perfectly set their boho concept.Within this board was makeup ideas, executed by local Orlando freelance Makeup Artist Pegah, who works with high end lines, such as Chanel. For Kaitlin she matched her hair with a bold cranberry lip, and for Bettina a silvery purple hue to help accent her new mane.

Photographer: @jcordobaphotos Hairstylists: @shearkatrina, @carlystyleshairxo

After setting the ladies, a small road trip was made to Rollins College where it had the perfect ambience that set the mood for the shoot. A beautiful school that is known in Winter Park for the ideal place for all kinds of photoshoots. On a Sunday before Dusk, was primetime for plenty of people having their engagement and maternity shoots there at the same time. A busy day, but well worth waiting for the lush ivy covered wall, the long brick paved pathway, and the infamous rose garden courtyard. Rollins architecture hints at Mediterranean Spanish Style, so the grounds of the college had so many places to photograph, including these beautiful built wooden doors.

With light being a factor, the photoshoot ended but left with a hefty amount of content. For J Bauman's first seasonal photoshoot, it was a success to carry out Autumn and Winter. Stay tuned for the next seasonal shoot on what they do next.

From left to right:


To kick off the holidays, Katrina and Carly are promoting their very own Giveaways! Check out their Instagrams @carlystyleshairxo and @shearkatrina to see how you can enter to win your very own hair transformation ;)


Photographer - Jason Cordoba - @jcordobaphotos - www.jasoncordobaphotography MUA - Pegah - @pegahbeauty MODEL - Bettina Tran - @oohdarling27 MODEL - Kaitlin Jones- @kaitlinjonez

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