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4 Ways To Change Up Your Hairstyle

I can always pinpoint exactly when a photo was taken by how my hair looked. One of the benefits of being a stylist is having many friends that are also stylists, and access to all of the best hair color, extensions, and the like. I like that I can change my hair to match the season, or just on a whim, but I know that not everyone can commit to crazy colors or the maintenance of things like extensions, so here are a few ways to see a change in your style at your next appointment, without signing away your paycheck.

4 Ways TO Change your LOOKS

Demi-permanent color

If you want a quick change without too much commitment, ask your stylist about going a couple of shades darker with Demi-permanent color! It will fade over time, and if you choose something subtle, there won’t be a noticeable line when your root grow in.

Face framing highlights

To brighten things up a smidge, consider asking for a few, subtle highlights around your face. Again, this technique is only low-maintenance if you choose a color just slightly lighter than what you have, and lasts longer when applied with a balayage-like technique.


A bit more of a long-term commitment, but bangs are a sure fire way to make a drastic difference in a short amount of time. Not sure what kind to get? Check out this article for some options!


If your cut is boring you, ask your stylist to add some texture to the mix. It can literally lighten your load, as well as breathe some life into your hair without drastically changing the length.


So, if you’re looking for something new, consider trying one, or a couple, of these, and you’ll be feeling fresh in no time!

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