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You Have To See These Custom Braid Hairdos For EDC Orlando 2018

Laser shows, booming music, flower bralettes, and an enormous ferris wheel? It's that time of the year when Orlando hosts one of the largest events on Tinker Field - the Electric Daisy Carnival! This coming weekend starting Friday, November 9th to Saturday November 10th will be an exciting event that features famous artists like Kaskade and Tiesto on the lineup. In this photoshoot, J. Bauman stylist Carly Palensky holds the reigns for this playful EDC fantasy, with fellow stylist Katrina Elbo assisting on executing this fun theme.

Braids for EDC Orlando Photoshoot

With Camo cropped jackets and unicorn backpacks made by local artist Chris Cambell from Shoebakery, models Kaitlin Jones and Bettina Tran help work their skills at the Mills 50 District by running with these elaborate festival braids, accented with flashy glitter and ornamental rhinestones.

Rise and Shine, Call Time

The day started with a 7 a.m. call time, starting with hair on Bettina. With her long blonde hair they thought it was fitting that she wore the ombre purple to pink unicorn colors. Carly styled her braids by feeding the colored synthetic hair extensions into an inverted mohawk, then finished off the hair with side braids showcasing a figure 8 braid while Katrina slaps some Bumble and Bumble Gel to slick down her baby hair.

Bettina Tran Mohawk Braid EDC 2018

Kaitlin, also known as our Rainbow Brite, was styled with 2 fixed buns on her head by Katrina using a simple ponytail intertwined with the vibrant synthetic hair, then pushed through artificial netted buns to help support and create the rounded shape of it to be even more full. Carly then helped adorn the buns with pre-made braids and finished up the hairline with more styling. For the piece de resistance, Kaitlin brought a jeweled necklace that was a perfect headpiece, which topped off the look.

Overall, the models pulled it off! The look was perfectly achieved that screamed a VIP ticket to this above and beyond Music Fest, also known as the Electric Daisy Festival. Their tickets are almost sold out, so click on the links to save your spot!

Look Out

Stay tuned to check out J Bauman Salon's first Seasonal Photoshoot. Shot by Jason Cordoba Photography with makeup artist @pegahbeauty . Not only do you have the beautiful backdrop of Rollins College in Winter Park, but you also have an incredible transformation on these models, including coming from black to blonde, as well as tape in hair extensions.

To book any of these artists for this coming Friday and Saturday please contact them for a consultation and availability, as well as check out their portfolios on Instagram.

Hairstylist - Carly Palensky - @carlystyleshairxo - (407) 636 -0735

Hairstylist - Katrina Elbo - @shearkatrina - (321) 226-8432

Model - Kaitlin Jones - @kaitlinjonez

Model - Bettina Tran - @oodarling27

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Comment below on who you want to see at EDC and what you'll be doing with your look!

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