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3 Hairstyles For Any Christmas Event

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and there’s a good chance that there are festivities in your near future. Whether it’s gathering at home with family and friends, or getting a questionably appropriate level of intoxicated at the office Christmas party, you’re going to want to look your best. So, we’ve come up with some beautiful, easy to execute looks that are perfect for your Xmas get-together!

3 looks for any Christmas Celebration

​Holiday Look #1

This look may seem advanced, but a beginner could easily do a variation of this look in less time than you’d think. Simply curl the hair with a medium sized iron (1”-1 ½”), and allow to cool before spraying with your hairspray of choice and finger combing through the curls. Next, use bobby pins to pull back and secure the hair around your face for a half-up look. Add a braid, or leave it as-is! And, of course, some accessories and glitter never hurt.

Holiday Look #2

This look is easy as 1, 2, 3! Curl hair with your iron of choice, spray, and rake through with fingers. Next, secure the hair back in a low ponytail with an elastic, leaving a couple inches between the scalp and the elastic. Create a split at the base of the ponytail and flip it through, pulling to tighten. Add a festive barrette or something of the like for extra holiday spirit.

Holiday Look #3

This look is a bit more in preparation time, but still perfectly achievable. Use a comb to create a deep side part. Then, use a large curling iron to curl the hair, rolling each individual curl up and securing them with alligator clips. Spray with a moderate hold hairspray and allow to set for 15 minutes. Release curls and use your hands and additional hairspray to mould the waves into a desirable shape.


There you have it, some holiday hairstyle inspiration to get you through any functions you may be attending this season. Get the Yule log going and spike the eggnog, and remember, it only comes once a year, so take lots of selfies!

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