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5 Essential Accessories For Traveling

America has gained a reputation as a nation of workaholics, among other things. This in mind, the average American (who gets between 10 and 12 vacation days, if they’re lucky) travels far less than their international counterparts (Europe and Australia get over 20 days paid vacation annually!).

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to break this mold, keep in mind how many details can go overlooked if one is not prepared to live the jet setter lifestyle. The last thing a cosmopolitan guy or gal wants is to be caught looking unkempt whilst trotting the globe, but fear not, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to pack in your carry-on (as far as your hair is concerned) to avoid any mile-high faux pas!

5 must-have accessories FOR YOUR NEXT TRIP

Dry Shampoo

This, to me, is an absolute essential. The mirrors in airport bathrooms are anything but forgiving, and sometimes, the only thing you can do is breathe a little life back into your mane by absorbing some of those oils that settled in during your flight. Dry shampoo can also refresh volume, and honestly, if you can’t get a wash and blow dry right off the plane, this is the next best thing. Bumble and bumble’s Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo comes in cute little travel sizes, and is Tres Parfait after a long flight.


The rubber band’s super chill cousin, who might be a little stuck in the 80’s, the scrunchie is perfect for cute but comfy traveling. They’re less harsh on your hair than elastics or hair ties, and come in any color you can think of. This makes them the perfect accessory to have on hand (or, on wrist) for when you get to the point in your flight where a top-knot is inevitable.

Bobby Pins

Maybe you’ll need to pin some hair away from your face. Maybe the button on your jeans falls off and you have to hold them together some other way. Maybe you read too much Nancy Drew as a kid and are convinced you’ll need to pick a lock somewhere in your travels. In any case; bobby pins.

Comb or Small Brush

Few things are more aggravating to a perfectionist than lumpy ponytails and buns, so keeping some sort of smoothing utensil on hand is compulsory. Not to mention, that flat spot on the back of your head from leaning back in your chair for so many hours isn’t going to fluff itself.


A travel sized can of hairspray can help keep your hair locked in for the ride, whether air, land, or sea. This is one of those things you don’t want to be wishing you brought when flying to different climates, where you might not know how your hair will react.


And with that, your carry-on salon is complete! Don’t forget to pick up travel sizes of your favorite shampoo and conditioner, and pack a snack, the airlines skimp on that stuff these days. Bon Voyage!

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