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How To Keep Your Curls Hydrated During The Winter

This time of year, the number one thing on a curly girl’s mind is keeping those tresses hydrated during these rare low humidity days in Florida. Luckily for them, Bumble and Bumble has come out with a couple of new products specifically with this in mind, so I thought I’d try them out to see if they meet the needs of the curly community. The only problem is that I, myself, have hair that’s straighter than a monster truck rally; so, I enlisted the hair of a close friend and client of mine, Jordyn.

Jordyn’s hair is made up of spiral curls, and has been chemically processed with lightener and permanent color. This in mind, Jordyn’s hair tends to lean towards the drier side, so I thought she’d be the perfect candidate.

Follow our winter curl experiment


The two products in question are the new Bb Curl Butter Masque and the Bb Curl Luminous Oil Spray. The Butter Masque claims to leave curls soft, shiny, and infused with moisture. The Luminous Oil Spray claims to fight frizz, define curls, and protect against heat and UV rays.


After processing Jordyn’s hair with color on her roots, I shampooed with the Bb Curl Shampoo, and followed up with the Bb Curl Custom Conditioner, as per the instructions on the back of the Butter Masque. Next, I towel dried the excess water out of the hair, and applied the Masque, starting from the ends of the hair, working up to the scalp.

For extremely parched hair, it should be noted, Bumble recommends applying the Masque to dry hair prior to shampooing. The scent and texture of the Masque are quite pleasant, and after allowing it to soak into the hair for five minutes and rinsing, it left Jordyn’s hair feeling soft and easy to detangle.

Finishing touches

Once Jordyn’s hair was towel dried and combed through, I sprayed Bb Curl Primer roots to ends, and followed up by spraying the Luminous Oil Spray from an arm’s length away, from the midsection of her hair to the ends. The spray can also be used on dry hair, but I would recommend being sparing to begin with, as it did seem to pack a punch. Next, I lightly diffused her curls, and noticed that the curls were soft, bouncy, shiny, and wasn’t as frizzy at it normally is when diffused.


Overall, I think both of these products live up to what they claim, and after a whole day spent outside in the dry air and wind, Jordyn’s hair was still soft and springy.

TL;DR, if your curls need to be quenched, or if you’re looking for a little extra shine, these are the products for you!

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