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What You Need To Have Great Hair This Spring

This time of year, at least in central Florida, it’s a bit of a crapshoot in regards to the weather. Some days, it’s a balmy 80 degrees and sunny; others, it’s rainy and dropping below 50. Natural Floridians know to be prepared to face any and all elements in this purgatory between Winter and Spring, but what does that mean for our hair? Well, there are some small-but-mighty tools that you can carry in your supply kit to ensure a great hair day, whatever the weather.

How To Face The Elements

The most obvious dilemma here is that you can’t be sure that the weather will be consistent, so how can you possibly make educated decisions as to what products and styling methods to use? My advice is to go with your gut (and your weather app), and have a couple of key things on hand in case your gut (or your weather app) is mistaken.

Purse-Sized Products

Perhaps you got too comfortable with the low humidity levels of Winter, and recent sun and showers are throwing off your groove. If your hair is prone to puffing up in the event of higher humidity, it’s a good idea to have an antidote on hand, and luckily, some of my personal favorites come in cute little travel sizes. If you’re hesitant to use hair oils for fear of weighing yourself down, Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Spray is for you. It’ll tame fly-aways and mild frizz, and add shine, all without deflating your style. However, if you need a bit more reinforcement, particularly for coarse or curly hair, Bumble’s newest product, the Bb Curl Luminous Oil Spray, also comes pint sized and is guaranteed to infuse moisture and tame frizzy tendrils.

Alternatively, if you’re finding your style deflated by the changing temperatures, a bite-sized bottle of Bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder is your best bet. A few puffs near your roots, and you’ll find yourself zhuzhed and reinvigorated.

Tools of the Trade

There’s always the chance that you get caught in the rain, or end up perspiring a bit in the elevated temperatures, past the point of salvaging your blow dry. In this case, it’s good to keep a couple of tools and accessories on hand to transform your mop into something chic and wearable.

Elastics and various hair pins are a given, perfect for doing a quick braid or bun to keep your hair in check in the changing elements. If you’re looking for the ideal method of organizing these items to take with you wherever you may go, this pre-assembled travel kit is perfect!

For a more fashionable approach, try a scarf or cloth headband like these. They provide some coverage, short of fully admitting defeat by throwing a hat on, and can be matched to your outfit, turning even the messiest of top-knots into fashion.

Final Thoughts

Armed with supplies for whatever Mother Nature might throw at us in this pre-Spring, post-Winter wonderland, we can be sure that we’ll enter the oncoming season looking as fresh and vibrant as the soon to be blooming flowers!

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