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We Hosted An Instagram Influencer: This Is What Happened

When most people use the words "Instagram Influencer," it's usually accompanied by an eye roll. However, in a world with so many voices to hear, especially on social media, sometimes someone with a bit of influence is exactly what we need. This is definitely the case in the beauty industry, and there are literally hundreds of hairstylists who have turned their passion for their career into a social media brand, and we freakin' love it.

One of our favorite "influencers" of beauty industry fame is Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca on Instagram). She markets herself as a no-nonsense, yet super cool and relatable gal, with a passion for creating exceptional experiences for clients, doing hair the way it should be done, and empowering other stylists to live their best lives. While some influencers' online persona is a far cry from their personality IRL, that is NOT the case with Gina; which some of my coworkers and I confirmed last year, when we flew to Miami to take one of her classes (Read the article I wrote about that here!).

So, when she mentioned wanting to teach in Florida again in 2019, we knew we had to do everything in our power to be there. After some back and forth on Instagram, Gina and her team were booked to teach The Master Stylist Certification, a two-day intensive course for stylists who want to level up in business and in all things hair, at OUR SALON. I was, as the influencers say, SHOOK. Before we knew it, it was March 3rd, and stylists that had flown in from all over the country were lined up outside of J. Bauman Salon, ready to absorb whatever magic Gina and her team used to get to where they are today. As my fellow stylists and I soon found out, there's actually no magic involved at all, just tons of hard work, and attention to detail in every avenue.

Five of us from J. Bauman (Carly, Kara, Katrina, Katie, and myself) are now Master Stylist certified, and all I can say is that my career and my life will be greatly improved by the knowledge imparted upon me by Gina. From how I conduct business, internally and with my clients, to the technical skills that will help me give my clients the hair of their dreams, I cannot stress enough how valuable the information I learned in this class was and will be for my, and the salon's, future. I know the other girls feel the same way, and we are all extremely grateful to have had the privilege of attending this class; and as far as influencers go, Gina Bianca is the real deal.

Final Thoughts

Turns out, a bit of influence was just what the girls and I needed, and I absolutely can't wait to see how our newfound inspiration and knowledge help J. Bauman Salon reach its full potential!

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