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Meet Your Stylist: Carly Palensky

One quality that is vital in a great hairstylist is commitment to the craft; another is that of a strong work ethic. Both of these indespensible qualities are present in Carly Palensky, a specialist in blondes and extensions, and an employee at J. Bauman Salon since 2011.

Originally from Nebraska, Carly moved down to Florida in her early 20s, and never looked back. However, her passion for doing hair followed her across the country.

"My two best friends and I would always color each other’s hair all through high school, now all three of us are hair stylists!" She recalls.

After attending a Paul Mitchell cosmetology school, Carly began her career as an assistant at J. Bauman Salon. "I assisted a color specialist for two years, and I'm so grateful I did. It really instilled in me a love for doing color, especially blondes."

Through her 8 years at the salon, Carly has grown in her business, and she recently began working with a personal assistant herself, a telltale sign that a stylist is moving up in the world. Having been an assistant for two years, she understands the importance of her role as a mentor and teacher for this next generation of stylists. Alongside this, Carly has also taken an interest in creative projects outside of her salon schedule, in the form of collaborative photoshoots with other stylists (Read all about those HERE and HERE).

However, Carly's proudest achievement is that she has built her clientele to include a variety of people with whom she's become close.

"The best part of working at J. Bauman is that my clients have become my friends, and I love that I get to come in and hang out with them all day as my job."

See Carly's work on her Instagram Page: @carlystyleshairxo

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