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Don't Be April Fooled By These Hair Myths!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

With so much information available to us at all times, sometimes it's hard to tell what is factual, and what is just laughable. In the spirit of April Fool's Day, I thought I'd help you wise up to a few hair fallacies I've seen going around the internet, lately; because the last thing any of us wants is for the egg to be on our face... or rather, in our hair. So, strap in, and we'll make sure that you don't make an April Fool of yourself this month!

Dandruff Is Caused By Dry Scalp

April fool's!

Dandruff is actually the result of genetic and environmental factors, mainly the presence of specific kinds of bacteria and yeast. I know, it's not the cutest imagery, but luckily, dandruff is treatable, using medicated anti-fungal shampoos. Unfortunately for those of us who color our hair, these shampoos can strip out pigment, so make sure you ask your stylist about color maintanence options, such as Viral and Gem Lites Color-Depositing Shampoos.

Toners Are Unnecessary And Should Be Optional

April fool's!

Before Toner After Toner

Toners, also known as glosses or glazes, are an integral part of hair coloring. Along with the obvious benefit of cancelling out the unwanted tones in lightened hair (yellows, oranges, and reds), toners provide UV protection, add shine, seal the hair's cuticle at the end of a color service, and add longevity to color! Not only that, but getting a toner in-between highlight or balayage services keeps your hair looking fresh for so much longer!

Photos courtesy of @shearkatrina on Instagram

Trimming Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

April fool's!

Photo courtesy of @carlystyleshairxo

This one is tricky, because technically, trimming your hair has no effect on how quickly it grows. HOWEVER, without trims, the ends of your hair become weak and brittle over time, which can cause the hair strand to break, thus impacting the length of the hair. So, without regular trims, though hair will continue to grow at its normal pace, you will see no difference in the hair's length, as the hair strand will continually break off.

Salon Quality Products Are Overpriced, And Are The Same As Drug Store Brands

April fool's!

Ahh, the age-old battle, between frugal clients just trying to be financially savvy, and hairstylists who just want their work to be maintained until the next appointment. While a lot of drugstore brands have stepped up their game in the last few years, there's a reason that your salon's product choices might be ever so slightly more expensive. Ingredients-wise, most salon-quality products have a higher concentration of the ingredients that actually impact the hair; while most drugstore products that are more affordable are mostly made up of water. Everything else aside (and there are many other things that make salon-grade products superior), you're getting more impact for your money when you buy products from the salon. (Click here to find out how it can benefit your wallet, too!)

You Can Fix Your Split Ends

April fool's!

Another tale as old as time, that you can open your fridge, mix a few choice items in a bowl, put it on your hair and, VOILA! No more split ends. Unfortunately, this is just straight up false. There is no magic elixir that can mend ends that are already to the point of splitting, though there are plenty of products out there that can help strengthen hair to prevent splitting. The only way to "fix" split ends is to cut them off.

TL;DR: Book your haircut by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you're a bit more savvy now, in terms of knowing hair fact from hair fiction. Unfortunately, I can't help with any other falsehoods you might be told this April 1st, but I'm sure your hair will look fabulous nonetheless!

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