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Meet Your Stylist: Pray Soni

Some people have to find their passions through trial and error; while others know long before their peers. Such is the case with Pray Soni, a stylist here at J. Bauman Salon.

"Growing up, I always cut my own hair, then started doing my family and friends' hair as well;" He recalls, "I was always infatuated with the process, and how different techniques led to different results."

However, Pray attempted to follow a path that seemed predestined for him, to no avail.

"Life before my career as a stylist consisted mainly of schooling, attempting to acquire a piece of paper that told me what I was and wasn't capable of. Ultimately, fashion and style had always been in the back of my mind."

Anyone who knows Pray, knows that he refuses to be constricted by the limitations that others try to impose upon him, so it's no surprise that he decided to follow his heart instead.

Thus, Pray was off to hair school; the year was 2015, and the Paul Mitchell graduate was on the hunt for a salon that felt like home. After a bit of trial and error at other salons, Pray became a member of the J. Bauman team last year, and he's sure he's found his place.

"I love the environment that J. Bauman creates. The openness and communication between the staff and clients makes it different than other salons."

In terms of his craft, Pray loves transforming his clients' hair.

"I'll always attempt to give my clients everything they want and need to achieve their hair goals and dreams!"

His favorite things to do are blunt bobs, pixies, balayage, and ombres. Looking ahead, Pray sets his sights on his growth as a stylist, and that of others, as well.

"I want to be fully booked at the salon, and long term I'd love to eventually become an educator."

Though Pray is one of the newer members of our team, he has wasted no time becoming an integral part of the salon, inspiring clients and co-workers alike with his vibrant style and personality.

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