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Meet Your Stylist: KC Craig

Above all, being a hairstylist is about the connections you build with the people that sit in your chair; after all, the majority of the job requires direct interaction. However, for many hairstylists, it goes beyond the "requirement" of being a conversationalist; this urge to communicate profoundly to the people with whom we spend our work days stems from a deeper striving for empathy, compassion, and understanding. This is most evident in the life and career of Kate (KC) Craig, a stylist here at J. Bauman Salon.

KC's compassion for other beings presented itself in her first career choice, as a veterinary technician.

"I was working for a wonderful doctor, but I knew that there really wasn't a way to move up, aside from becoming a veterinarian myself. Plus, it wasn't always fun, sometimes the animals were very sick, which was difficult to see."

But it wasn't until someone suggested it that KC thought of becoming a hairstylist,

"I always played with my own hair as a teenager, and by that I mean I was my own guinea pig; but the real story is that my mom's hairdresser at the time suggested I look into it, and possibly work for her in her, then, new salon. I was open to it, and the rest is history!"

So, KC attended cosmetology school at Florida Beauty Academy, and graduated in 2006. She then went on to work at several reputable salons over the years, but after a change of ownership and decrease in quality at her last place of employment, KC made the decision to leave behind what was familiar to her, and seek greener pastures. That was almost two years ago, and she has since become an irreplaceable member of the J. Bauman Salon team.

"Jes is a fantastic boss, I really do love the team that I work with, and the atmosphere in the salon is very good vibes. I also love that I work with people of all levels of experience that I can and have learned from, it's motivated me to step up my own game."

In observance of the craft itself, KC says,

"My favorite thing ever is a dramatic transformation, either with color or a haircut or both. My specialty, I think, is razor cuts."

And, of her clients,

"I care very much about each and every soul that sits in my chair. My goal is to meet your expectations to the best of my ability, and I don't give up easily!"

When looking toward the future, KC plans to make this industry a lifelong career,

"I'd like to be a partner in the salon, eventually."

And with the determination and personal connection to those around her that KC has cultivated, the future is, indeed, as bright as ever.

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