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Meet Your Stylist: Marisa Turner

Finding personalities that mesh well is a challenge in any workplace, and often requires trial and error. In the field of hairstyling, new team members are discovered in a variety of ways; through online and in-person interactions. One such way is at career fairs that are held at local cosmetology schools, which is how I, and Jes Bauman, the salon's owner, first met Marisa Turner, who has now been a member of the J. Bauman Salon team for almost 2 years.

"I've always had an interest in the hair industry. I was the kid constantly coloring my and my friends' hair in the bathroom at my mom's house; it just made sense to become a hairstylist." She recalls.

However, Marisa didn't act on this dream until she tried her hand at another career, first.

"Before I did hair in Florida, I was actually doing cell phone sales and tech support for Verizon Wireless in Maryland. I needed a change and though I enjoyed the technology field, I wanted to do something creative that I was passionate about. I moved to Orlando, where my mom lived, and went back to school; I couldn't be more thrilled about that decision."

Marisa graduated from The Aveda Institute of Orlando in March of 2017, and soon after, got hired on as an assistant and receptionist at J. Bauman. After dedicating the first year of her career to integrating herself into the salon's culture, and absorbing the knowledge of the stylists around her, whom she regulary aided as they worked on their own clients, Marisa was able to make a nearly seamless transition from assistant to stylist.

"My favorite thing to do is color. I specialize in fashion color, ombre, and I really love all my redheads. The formulation of color tones is so interesting, and I really enjoy the challenge of creating that perfect shade."

Though her career is still in its early stages, Marisa looks toward the future with ambition.

"My long term goals in this industry are definitely to travel as an educator, as well as, eventually, ownmy own salon."

But, for now, Marisa's main focus is building relationships with her clients, and creating a strong foundation for her future.

"I would love for all my clients to know how passionate and serious I am about my job. I always want to go above and beyond to make my clients feel special and beautiful; that is my biggest priority when it comes to my job."

As for the salon she calls home, Marisa reflects how each of us on the J. Bauman team feel about our place in the industry, and about each other;

"The best part of working at J. Bauman is the sense of family we have here; everyone gets along so well, and we all encourage each other to be better and achieve goals. Everyone can teach you something, and we are all so passionate that the flow our salon has works for everyone. We are all very fortunate to have that in our workspace."

See Marisa's work on Instagram: @marisayvettehair

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