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  • Monika Knotts

Summer Hair Trend Predictions for 2019

Well, folks, it's that time of year, again. Humidity is on the rise, and the annual challenge of trying to look cute in the oppressive Florida heat presents itself once more. But don't be discouraged, there's still fun to be had this Summer, and I'm here to predict some Summer hair trends that will not only keep you looking like a refreshing Summer snack, but that are also practical for us Floridians.

1. Vibrant Vivids


When done right, these bold statement colors look good styled, but also look good thrown into a messy bun. For that reason, I think vivids are the perfect solution for someone who wants to serve an aesthetic, without relying on your hair staying styled against the elements. Besides, what's cuter than matching your hair color to your bathing suit?!

(P.S. Click HERE to find out how to protect these colors in the Summer Sun!)

2. The Braided Ponytail

Seen more and more frequently on red carpets these days, the braided ponytail is an ideal solution to multiple problems posed by high heat and humidity at once; it keeps your hair off of your neck, and keeps your hair contained within the braid, to prevent frizzing out the second you step outside. Not to mention, it's super easy to execute, and you'll look like a bad ass.

(HERE are some tutorials for other ponytail styles you can rock!)

3. Baby Bangs


Okay, listen, I know just as well as you do that growing bangs out is not a fun process, but I don't make the trends, I just predict them; and according to the runways of fashion week, baby bangs are in. I mean, hey, they do keep the hair out of your eyes, and can help to frame the face in a striking way, so I think that you're a long-term commitment kind of gal, this may be the Summer statement you're searching for.

4. The Wet Look

Another prediction from the runways of fashion week, cemented by the fact that Kim K rocked it to The MET Gala, the "wet look" that was popular at the turn of the millennium is back. This is great news for us Floridians because, statistically, there's like a 50% chance that our hair will actually be wet on any given Summer's day. But, seriously, think about using a little high-shine product, like Brilliantine or Semi-Sumo from Bumble and Bumble as a finishing product for your more dressed-up looks this Summer.

Final Thoughts

If you're feeling discouraged because your blowouts are trying to clock out early in the humidity, rest assured that there are options that allow you to serve looks and be practical, all at once; who knew?! From one Floridian to another, may the odds be ever in your favor this Summer.

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