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Meet Your Stylist: Kimberly Ton

For some people, the lifestyle that comes along with being a hairstylist fits like a glove, and you almost can't imagine those people doing anything else. Enter Kimberly Ton, a stylist at J. Bauman Salon for the better part of the last decade; her strong sense of style and sharp wit in conversation are the perfect ingredients for a stylist that anyone would be drawn to.

"As simple as this sounds, I was 15 years old, walking out of a salon, and finally receiving the haircut that I had asked multiple different stylists for before but never got. It made me feel so great about myself and I just knew that I could be incredibly happy doing the same for others." She recalls, of how she first decided that a career as a hairstylist was right for her.

However, Kim is no one trick pony; along with her cosmetology certification, she also has a bachelor's degree in marketing, both which she obtained simultaneously when she moved to Orlando from Miami in 2007. Kim has never truly stopped being a student, as she plays an active role in our in-salon education, and has recently been studying to potentially break into real estate in the future.

In terms of her craft, Kim especially takes pride in the colors she creates;

"I love doing any type of dimensional color, from soft blends to bold balayage and, of course, a beautiful blowout that allows everything, from the color to the cut, to shine."

But the hair itself is only half of the job; of her clientele, she says,

"My favorite thing about doing hair is getting to meet so many different, amazing people every day. They’re the ones that make my job so enjoyable and, in return, I get to transform the way they feel about themselves through their hair."

Above all, Kim is an integral personality in the salon, and is part of the reason the J. Bauman team is so unique, and tight-knit.

"Not to sound cliche, but my favorite part of working here is the team we have. I love and feed off the energy of all the talented stylists around me; how could you not have a fun time?"

See Kim's work on Instagram: @kimberly.ton

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