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Meet Your Stylist: Kara Kiely

We can all remember a time when we aspired to be like someone we looked up to; and sometimes, that translates into a lifelong passion and career. That's exactly how Kara Kiely, a stylist at J. Bauman Salon for the better part of the last decade, wound up behind the chair.

"I've been around hair since I was young," Kara recalls, "with my mother being a hairdresser, I experienced what it was like for my mom to work both in a salon atmosphere, and in the living room of our house."

Kara's passion for the beauty industry manifested itself as she grew into her mother's shoes;

"As I got older, I was always the one styling my friends' hair for homecomings and cheerleading practices, and I realized that not only did I really enjoy doing hair, but that I had a passion for it."

And so, Kara's path was laid out before her. She graduated cosmetology school in 2009, and took a job as the assistant of an independent stylist, where she continued to learn about her chosen craft for the next year. Shortly thereafter, she was hired on as a part of the J. Bauman Salon Team; and the rest is history. However, Kara has always had her sights set on a higher goal, even from the beginning;

"Owning my own business has always been my end goal; I've wanted to open a salon since before hair school. Growing up around my father, who owns his own glass and mirror business, I was always so fascinated by watching how he created his own environment, and watching him grow it into a successful business while pursuing his passion; it really spoke to me."

For now, Kara continues to hone her craft;

"I specialize in blondes, balayage and extensions; and as much as I love doing all types of color, I would say lately, my favorite thing to create is a more lived-in balayage, which looks more organic and effortless. Hair trends are always changing — always evolving — Every day is different, and it's a constant adventure."

When asked what the best part of her job is, Kara proves that her devotion is to her clients;

"I'm committed to excellence and strive for perfection. I also work hard to maintain a level of trust; I'm given the chance to make my clients feel beautiful on the inside, and to enhance their beauty on the outside."

See Kara's work on Instagram @blondeshell_kara

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