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  • Monika Knotts

Celebrities That Are Rocking Short Hair This Summer (& Why You Should, Too!)

It's that time of year again, where almost every day that I'm working behind the chair at the salon, I have back-to-back clients asking me to chop their hair off. Of course, this is a request that I relish in fulfilling, and honestly, I can't blame them for wanting to get some relief from the opressive heat that we're ALREADY experiencing at the BEGINNING of JUNE (don't get me started). That being said, I figured that I would assemble some inspiration; just in case you're on the fence about it. So, without further ado, here are my favorite short haircuts that celebrities are rocking this Summer:


I cannot get enough of this mid-length Lob (long bob, for those who don't speak hair) on Chrissy Teigan. It's just long enough to do this brushed-out pin-curl look, which brings an element of romance to this Havana-esque ensemble. This is the perfect length for those who still like some face-framing layers.


Cara Delevingne has always been one to air on the side of edginess when it comes to her look; so, it's not surprising that she'd be the one rocking a chin-length, textured bob this Summer. This is a great look for someone who is O V E R I T and wants to have messy texture, without spending too much, if any, time styling. If the heat is getting to you, this is the cut you're looking for.


I am obsessed with Demi Lovato's "short hair, don't care" attitude, lately; but I'm even MORE obsessed with the blunt, asymmetrical bob she is ROCKING. I mean, come on, look how effortlessly cool she looks right out of the ocean! Let's all get this haircut and pretend we're in Bora Bora this Summer, deal?


With that haircut and that smile, how can your heart not melt? I love the sweet simplicity of this sleek bob on Emilia Clarke; and that the deep side part gives off a vintage vibe. This is the perfect style for anyone with a heart-shaped jawline, who prefers a softer look. Not to mention, the hair will be off the back of your neck, all Summer long.


I don't know what it is, but this slightly-longer-in-the-front bob with bangs on Rashida Jones, speaks to me. This is for those who aren't afraid to make a statement, are maybe a little higher maintenance, and might spend some time styling. Upsides include: serving looks in a statement power suit.


At this point, I shouldn't have to tell you that The Bob (long, or otherwise) is IN. So now, the only thing standing between you, and sweet, sweet relief from this Florida Summer heat, is booking your haircut appointment; which, as luck would have it, you can do by clicking below.

I can't wait to see your transformation; be sure to tag @jbaumansalon in your Instagram "new hair, new me" selfie!

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