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Father's Day Gifts That Dad Might Actually Want

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Shopping for dads has got to be one of the greatest challenges faced in the first world today. This may be a strong assessment, but with Father's Day quickly approaching (it's June 16th, in case you were about to Google how much time you have left), I'm sure that there are more than a few of us still scratching our heads. I mean, it's almost as if dads want for nothing, aside from the things they buy for themselves, and maybe a special meal to celebrate their Dadliness.

That being said, perhaps the solution is, in fact, something that Dad wouldn't think to splurge on. In my experience, a lot of men, dads and otherwise, consider getting their haircut as more of a chore than a luxury. What if you could change the way that the Dad in your life thinks about his personal grooming, all while boosting his confidence, and making him so grateful to have a child/spouse/generous acquaintance like you? Well, I have a few ideas, so keep reading.

For Dads Who Have No Idea What They're Doing

Okay, so this is a good cover-all idea for anyone whose Dad isn't savvy about his personal grooming.

Here's the pitch:

1. You book an appointment for a haircut (or color, if you're really looking for a transformation) for the Dad in question. (This can be done over the phone at 4078989044, or online by clicking here)

2. You let us know that this is gift from you to Dad, and that you would like the stylist that takes care of Dad to teach him how to style his new 'do (either through the receptionist if you're calling, or you can include this as a NOTE when booking online)

3. You buy a gift card online (click here), and possibly include enough on the gift card so that Dad can bring home the product(s) that he was shown how to use at the salon, at no cost to himself (that way, he can't comment on how much these things cost these days)

So, the overall idea is that Dad will have a new look, some new hair product, new knowledge about his own personal grooming, a newfound sense of confidence, and a new appreciation for you! There really are no losers with this one.

For Dads With Prized Facial Hair

I've known more than a few dads who take their facial hair seriously, and who, more than likely, already have a sense of personal grooming. For this breed of dad, I recommend grooming products; here are a couple of my favorites that are specifically good for facial hair, but can be used to style the hair on Dad's head, too, and that Dad probably wouldn't buy on his own.

1. Hairdresser's Invisible Oil (Bumble & Bumble)

This hairstylist classic contains 6 featherlight oils, which hydrate, without leaving a product-y feel, soften coarse (beard) hair, and protect against UV rays, all at once.

2. Intense Hydrating Mask (MoroccanOil)

For the gift that keeps on giving, bearded dads can enjoy this luxurious deep treatment anytime they like, by taking an extra few minutes in the shower, to soften and hydrate that wirey facial hair, and reap the benefits of antioxidant-rich argon oil.

3. Sumotech (Bumble & Bumble)

If your Dad's facial hair is sculpt-able, this is the product for him. With a mild (yet masculine) scent, pliable hold that lasts, and a low-shine finish, any Dad with hair would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

Conveniently, all of these products can be purchased at J. Bauman Salon, and all qualify for Bauman Rewards (read more about that here). Give us a call and we'll put them on hold for you (in a cute little gift bag!).

For Dads With Style

Hey, maybe I've underestimated Dad, and he has all of this figured out. Well, at that point, your job is pretty easy; all you have to do is give the man a gift card (let's be honest, Dad wants to pick this stuff out on his own, anyway), and maybe look into which stylist would be the best fit (which you can do by looking at our TEAM page, and you can view each stylist's work by clicking their @ below their picture), and treat Dad to his next haircut, with his new favorite hairstylist. Problem solved.

Final Thoughts

Maybe shopping for Dad is actually easier than you thought it would be, after all. In that case, my work here is done, and all there is left to do is to wish your dad, and mine, a Happy Father's Day.

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