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Meet Your Stylist: Sarah Vaughn

Our influences shape our view of the world, and can have more of an impact than we expect. This is how Sarah Vaughn, a stylist at J. Bauman Salon since 2011, found her way into the beauty industry.

"Growing up in the 90’s, I was always into art, and I had this weird obsession supermodels like Cindy Crawford, and fashion magazines." She remembers.

Sarah's enchantment with the glamorous world of beauty began to manifest itself in her adolescence, when she became the go-to friend for homecoming and prom styling in her circle. As a community college student studying art, Sarah worked jobs in restaurants and retail, until she stumbled upon her soon-to-be cosmetology school in 2004;

"I came across the Aveda Institute in Downtown St. Pete while looking for The Dali Museum with my boyfriend at the time. I thought, 'This place looks so cool, I could move out of my parents', do something in the beauty industry, and be with my boyfriend.'"

After graduating, Sarah began her career as a stylist, and never looked back; but her goals for the long term have stayed the same since the beginning;

"To continuously grow, learn, and become more efficient and better in my business, my technique, and style; so that I can sip margs in St. Tropez with Beyoncé when I’m 45."

In terms of her craft, Sarah has done it all, but has never strayed from the special-event type of styling that initially sucked her in;

"I love to do hair for weddings and special events, but I also like hair cutting, and the foiliyage and shadow root thing has been a lot of fun to do lately, too."

When asked what has kept her in the industry for all this time, Sarah credits the experiences she has with her clients;

"My favorite thing about my job is creating a beautiful new look on someone and seeing them so happy with the transformation. I also love the relational aspect of getting to know my clients well over time."

As for the new clients that sit in her chair, Sarah says that her main concern is communication;

"Pictures of what you want during a consultation are worth a million words, and having realistic expectations goes a long way with me. I always appreciate honest feedback if you don’t like something, or if you want your style to go a different direction."

And, finally, of her workplace , Sarah credits her fellow stylists with the laid back work environment that we all get to enjoy;

"I love the team of hairstylists I work with right now; these stylists all have something amazing to bring to the table, we laugh so hard together, we come from different backgrounds and get along so well, and we push each other to new levels creativity."

See Sarah's work on Instagram: @sarah_v_does_hair

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