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Hello and happy spring, everyone! April showers bring May flowers, so we’re going to review our favorite trends that have blossomed before us this spring! I’ll make sure to cover all of our bases to keep us looking as fresh as possible going into summer. We can’t be caught off guard now that we’re vaxxed and unmasked, after all.

You guys already know that I had to start with the best one first. I have two words for you. Curtain bangs.

Once the temperatures started hiking their way back up, so did the number of clients in my chair asking for flippy pieces of hair to accentuate their cheekbones properly. While you may be tying the rest of your hair up in a ponytail to beat the heat, it couldn’t hurt to have a little something to frame the rest of your face. To blow-dry and style, spray your cowlicks with B&B’s Thickening Spray for control, then blow them down, and finish with a bit of round brush to give them the proper curvy shape.

Next, let’s discuss what’s going on underneath those adorable bangs! Blush is back in, babes. But not in the way you’d usually wear it.

The kids these days are using blush, almost like contour, to sculpt their faces. Typically, we’d wear it messily on the apples of our cheeks but not anymore! According to Bustle and TikTok, the proper way to wear blush is now up high on the cheekbones, where we would typically apply a highlighter to elongate and lift the shape of our face. I suppose you could say that this Spring is allllll about the cheekbones!

In the words of Baby Woowop, “What the heck are you wearing?? What are you wearing??”

As I was doing some personal shopping and updating my closet for the upcoming season, I couldn’t help but notice the CUTEST monochromatic suits with relaxed trousers all over the place (my favorites being on Nasty Gal). And Who What Wear agrees with me! Channel your inner boss lady and suit up with a crop top underneath, a simple belt, and maybe a pair of mules to pull the fit together. Remember ladies; you can never be overdressed or overeducated!

You’ve officially made it to the end! Thanks for stopping by and perusing my blog! Use these trends wisely, and feel free to book your next bang trim online with us!

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