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3 Hair Tips for a Labor-Free Labor Day Weekend

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Aside from the literal meaning of Labor Day, the celebration of the labor movement in the United States and laborers’ contributions to our modern society, it also means that Summer is finally coming to a close (in theory, anyway). Unfortunately for us, this year may be a tad more damp than is ideal for beach and barbecue plans; as tropical storm (soon to be hurricane) Dorian is heading right for Florida this weekend. Whether you're planning a cook-out or a hurricane party, the last thing you'll want to be worried about is doing your hair; so in the spirit of preparedness, I've come up with some tips to keep your hair looking fabulous without having to spend your day(s) off laboring over it.

1. Wash your hair before the storm

The first step in being prepared is factoring in all possibilities; like that you might lose power during the storm and run out of hot water, or that you might have too many White Claws and won't have the capacity to properly wash and dry your hair. I suggest washing your hair Friday night or Saturday morning, to avoid facing these obstacles. I also suggest booking a blowout to ensure you won't have to do any of the labor involved with this task.

2. Use products that are long-lasting

No matter what happens this weekend, you can bet that it'll be humid as hell. The best way to prepare for this is by stocking up on products that will fight frizz all weekend long. Here are a couple of my faves:

Olaplex no. 6

This one's a no-brainer; 72 hours of frizz protection, plus lots of other benefits, which you can read about HERE in an in-depth review I wrote.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

I talk about this one often, but it's just that good. A best-selling line from Bumble and Bumble, not only will these products fight frizz, but they'll leave your looks so hydrated, you'll think they were in a tropical storm.

Keratin treatments

For those who want to be ready for literally anything, this is the most long-lasting option for frizz prevention out there. This one's on the pricier side, but can last up to 5 months, so it might be worth the investment. You can read more about the pros and cons of keratin treatments HERE.

3. embrace the up-do

Sometimes, the best you can do is throw your hair in a bun and ride out the storm. Hey, nothing's wrong with rocking a messy bun, as long as you have the right attitude. If you do have people to impress this weekend, try breaking out some fun hair clips to dress up your up-do.


Best-case-scenario, this Labor Day Weekend will be as uneventful as ever, and we'll all be able to keep up with our normal hair-washing schedule next week. You can keep an eye on Dorian on the National Hurricane Center website, and you can keep an eye on how it might affect your upcoming appointments by following us on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy the long weekend, no matter the weather.

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