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3 Ways To Beautify Your Thanksgiving Ingredients!

It’s that time again! Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce. The one glorious holiday where the entire point is to put on some stretchy pants and eat carbs has finally arrived! But Thanksgiving isn’t just a one-day affair. Typically we all might have leftovers and excess ingredients for at least a few days. When I see raw ingredients, I don’t just think of dinner, but I also start thinking of recipes for a DIY spa day.

Here’s how to use your leftovers the right way while you’re enjoying your food coma this Thanksgiving!

Personally, my mother’s homemade cranberry sauce at our thanksgiving table is my favorite side—every year. Cranberries are also rich in antioxidants and B vitamins. Perfect for your skin! I found this super easy recipe from Flo and Theo where all you need is cranberries, yogurt, and olive oil. Boil your cranberries, drain them, mash them, and make a paste with your olive oil and yogurt. Everyone likes facemasks, bond with your family by massaging away each other’s wrinkles!

Sweet potatoes are gorgeous in color and even more so in taste! But did you know that they’re suitable for your eye area? Instead of placing cold cucumbers on your eyes when you’re trying to chill with your cranberry mask on, slice some raw sweet potato up and pop those babies on your eyes. According to New Beauty, the compound anthocyanin (geez what a mouth full) found in sweet potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties. Say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles this holiday season!

Usually, near the end of the fall season, the weather tends to get a lot cooler and crisper in central Florida. The humidity evaporates, and your hair might start to feel dry. Not to worry, if you also happened to make a pumpkin pie this year and ended up with excess pumpkin, Teen Vogue has the perfect solution to both of these problems. All you need is a couple cups of cooked pumpkin, a tablespoon of coconut oil, honey, yogurt, and your handy dandy blender! Make a little puree. Then you’ve got yourself a hair mask! Saturate those thirsty strands for 15 minutes and then wash it out of your hair along with those annoying comments from your relatives.

Happy Thanksgiving from your hair family at J. Bauman salon! We hope you have a relaxing and comfortable holiday and don’t forget to book your appointments online on time for Christmas this year!

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