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Do you know what’s scary? What’s terrifying is scrambling for a last-minute costume for Halloween! If you’re rushing to Spirit or on a budget, here are some quick and achievable looks that just need a little faith, trust, and hair spray!

“I myself am strange and unusual.”

This first one is for our homegirl with bangs! If you wish to emulate our Queen of Halloween, Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice, all you need is some Sumo Gel! Throw together a flowy black outfit, a wide brim black sun hat, and then all you have to do is put some gel between your fingers so you can pinch together pieces of your bangs!

Do you have a white turtle neck and white jeans or leggings in the depths of your closet? Then you’re more prepared than I thought, star girl! If you want to keep your space buns from blasting off, let me introduce you to the universe’s gift to ballerinas everywhere, Strong Finish hair spray. Now, do us all a favor and make Carrie Fisher proud!

My last recommendation will simply be for a product that you should already have in your arsenal. Whether you’re going to a party as a grunge witch or the ever-popular undead, you need a can of Sumo Liquid Wax. You need something to give you piecey, messy, two-day texture, and all of that is in the can already. Just spray and play with it!

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