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Typically in the late winter to the early spring season in central Florida, the humidity dries up. And as a result, so does my skin, my scalp, and especially my hair! Lucky for us, Bumble and Bumble, the holy grail brand we know and love, has a wide array of options. They carry a variety of masks and treatments for anyone and everyone! Allow me, your fav internet-savvy hairdresser, to help you pick the right one!

This one is for my curly girls. The thing about curly hair is that most people misunderstand it. Curls are special. They have their own set of needs that are different from the other textures. If your natural curls seem like they need some TLC from being overworked or overstyled, look no further! Get yourself the Curl Butter Mask! They make it with particular ingredients that are personalized just for your texture! Curly hair needs a different kind of moisture that penetrates deep into the cuticle to put some spring back into its step.

I’ll switch gears for this next one. This next mask works for all textures that just need a little pick me up! The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Mask gives your hair a drink that keeps it smooth and frizz-free for up to 72 hours. Notice how the word “Invisible” is in the name. This product is packed with the perfect blend of light oils to deliver the moisture you need without being heavy or greasy.

This last one is truly a blessing sent from the heavens above. The Bond-Building Repair Treatment is for those of us that live to color, bleach, and heat style our hair. We have a lot of fun however, it comes at a hefty price. I know I’m only here to discuss the treatment, but this entire line is actually made with a honey bond building complex. That means that Bumble has invented a chemical that goes into your hair, past the cuticle, into the cortex, and rebuilds the broken bonds in your hair. Did you hear me? I said it LITERALLY goes into your broken, damaged hair, repairs it, then keeps it stronger, smoother, and healthier than ever before!

If you’ve done some serious damage to your hair and need something that packs a punch, just do yourself a favor and get this.

I need to go on a lil rant here. As a hairdresser, I get a lot of clients and friends that tell me, “Oh, but I use coconut oil.”

Coconut oil does absolutely, positively nothing for your hair besides coat the outside cuticle. It does not fix anything. It does not repair anything. Sometimes a serious chemical reaction can even occur if you were to put lightener (bleach) over hair that’s coated in coconut oil. So let’s all put it back in the kitchen, and invest in a proper treatment system that is scientifically proven to work. Like this one. Thank you.

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