• Naomi Kogan


School is officially back in session across Central Florida and I couldn’t help but wonder what the kids are wearing. The typical teenager isn’t in the salon getting their roots touched up every four to six weeks, so what are they doing to express themselves via their hair? 

I’ve been enthused to see that the trends I know and love from my own childhood are back and embellishing the manes of the new generation. Hold on to your halter tops ladies and gentlemen, these accessories are going to make us all feel like we’re going back to school.

  The first trend isn’t exactly super new. Scrunchies have BEEN back for a hot minute and haven’t gone anywhere. However, I have been noticing them multiplying in size. Bigger is better!!! And I have to say, these shimmery poofs of organza just make my heart sing! My favorite ones I’ve found on the internet have been these from Room Shop Vintage

Then, while your hair is already in an up-do, accent your look with pearls. Any pearls, all pearls! Pearl clips or pearls on the ends of your bobby pins. According to Pop Sugar, too many pearls aren’t enough!  

  Remember when we all used to take a bandana, fold it in a triangle and tie it across our foreheads or around our crowns? YAAAS, I KNOW, QUEEN! THEY’RE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER THANKS TO THE DIOR AND GUCCI GODS! However, whilst perusing social media, I noticed them sported the most by young ladies emulating “cottage core” (had to look that one up on Urban Dictionary, haha), a Snow White -esque, rural aesthetic. One might pair a silk bandana with a romantic, puffy blouse, or a midi skirt.

  Hey, Upper East Siders (Gossip Girl references here)! This last trend is my own personal favorite! Blair Waldorf must be rolling over in her gold plated grave. Padded, oversized headbands have checked out of the Empire Hotel and are now taking the world by storm. These retro hairpieces originally made their debut on the Prada runway at Fashion Week, Summer 2019, according to Graceful Story.

It’s taken them a while but they’ve finally made their way on to the heads of elegant women everywhere. You can find them in velvet, silk, with all kinds of embellishments, and in nearly every color under the sun. My own personal favorites have been these from Purple Boutique US on Etsy.

Whether you’re searching for a new look to go with your new semester or just keeping up with the trends, these looks are hitting hair in high schools, colleges, and cities all over the U.S! 


- @naomithehairfairy

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