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Bb Glow: Why It's Different From Anything We've Seen Before

The much-anticipated Glow line from Bumble and Bumble is finally on our retail shelves and in our stylists' hands, and I'll just come right out and say that it lives up to the hype. However, I'll admit that when Bumble first announced the release of this new reparative product line, I was a little skeptical. What makes these products different from all the other reparative products that Bumble and Bumble already has available? What could these products possibly do for me that the products I'm already using don't do?

Luckily, Bumble was prepared to answer these questions, and invited our salon to come celebrate the product release with them to do so.

What's The Difference?

First, let's establish what the Bb Glow products do:


"This multi tasker does it all. Builds hydrogen bonds from within cortex while styling. Repairs hair, strengthens and protect against future damage. Polishes strands, provides light hold, and fortifies to help prevent breakage. Prevents split ends, improves elasticity and reduce frizz and fly-aways. Powered by bond-building technology and honey protective complex. 450 degree heat and UV protection.

Use: Apply to damp hair before blowdry or air dry. Can be used as a finisher/daily leave in."


"This lightweight mist protects dried hair against hot tools (and can be used to re-style), repairs damage, and helps prevent breakage and split ends - for a healthy glow. Plus it adds shine, moisture, tames frizz and improve elasticity. Infused with honey protective complex. 450 degree heat and UV protection."

Use: For all types of damaged hair. Apply to dry hair before hot tool use"

Glow Blow Dry Accelerator:

"This lightweight spray cuts blow-dry time by 50%*, 3 out of 5 people agree. Plus, strands are left smooth, frizz-free, and protected against heat/UV damage and breakage – with a healthy glow.

Use: Apply your favorite styler. Spray Glow Blow Dry Accelerator on damp hair from roots to ends, distribute evenly through hair, and blow-dry. (Note: a little goes a long way.)"

How Does It Compare To Repair Treatments?

Think of Glow as the cosmetic side of repairing your hair. These products are for styling specifically, and also have reparative benefits, whereas treatments are specifically for deep conditioning and repair, and are not used to style hair in any way. Glow is meant to augment the effects of any treatments you're already using; not replace them.

How Does It Compare To Bumble's Other Reparative Styling Products?

Repair Blow Dry:

Glow Bond Building Styler is this old favorite's closest cousin, but there are some fundamental differences. Aside from the different bond-building technology used in the Glow product, it also differs from Repair in that it has a light hold to it, and in that it can be used to blow dry OR air dry. This one is merely a matter of preference.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil:

Bumble's best selling line, HIO has some competition with Glow. The difference is that while HIO products protect and soften hair, they do not have the same reparative technology that exists within Glow. HIO covers those with hair on the dryer side, whilst Glow is for those who are truly dealing with damaged locks.

Does It Work?

Now, the question that everyone really wants answered: do these new products actually work?

Of course, Bumble was more than prepared for this question, and brought out models who were rocking half a head of unstyled, productless hair, and half a head of hair styled with Bb Glow.

The results were obvious, and quite impressive!

However, I wanted to use these products for myself, and get the input of my coworkers before passing my final judgement.

What Do Stylists Think?

Bottom line? I'm very impressed with these products, they are perfect for the person who may have some damage, but refuses to let that stop them from wearing their hair however they so please (me!). These products do everything they claim, and have left my and my clients' hair healthier looking all around! My opinion aside, if there's any doubt left about whether or not these products work, I'll leave you with this message from Tanya in our group chat to sum things up:

Ask your stylist about trying these products, and don't forget that Bb Glow can help you earn REWARDS!

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