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Bond-Building Repair Oil Serum!

New to the Bond Building Repair collection at J. Bauman Salon Orlando, please give a warm welcome to our new oil serum by Bumble and Bumble! We have the perfect product if you've been feeling dry, processed, and damaged! It's a sparkly, deliciously scented leave-in to help with compromised hair! Stay tuned to go over statistics, benefits, and the science of our ingredients.

Allow me to wow you with our show-stopping data that speaks for itself. The oil serum can be applied wet or dry, air-dried or heat styled, and in return, you can receive

  • 90% reduced frizz

  • 57% reduced breakage

  • 6x more hydration in comparison to untreated hair

And don't worry; the best part is that it's suitable for all hair types and textures! So, now there's no excuse not to repair and protect your hair from heat, chemical, or mechanical damage.

What are bonds, and why do we need to repair them? When we talk about bonds, we're usually talking about disulfide bonds inside of your physical hair, past the cuticle, and inside the cortex. I can best describe what this structure looks like by comparing it to the rungs on a ladder. When we bleach, color, heat style, or abuse our hair in general, we break those rungs, which results in the ladder getting weaker and eventually breaking or splitting in half. Hence, the Bond Building Repair name and the one-of-a-kind technology from Bumble which also contains honey as one of the main ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Smooth, strengthen, hydrate, and protect your hair with us. You can book online or stop by spontaneously to get a shampoo or purchase your product with us to get Bauman Rewards!

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