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EDC- Every Day Care

It’s time for sunshine, good vibes, and sick music! When you’re spending three days outdoors at a festival dancing, singing, and chillin with the crew, you need your hair done and out of the way! This is why most people love getting festival braids at J. Bauman Salon, the best salon in Orlando! Today we’re going to talk about maintenance and aftercare.

So, you just left the salon, and you’ve got fresh braids in. How are you going to sleep tonight with them? The answer to this problem is the age-old solution; satin. Satin pillowcases, scarves, or bonnets. Satin’s fantastic for your hair regardless, but it’s instrumental when it comes to keeping your new do frizz-less and locked in place.

Now it’s festival time! Remember how much sunscreen you applied on your face this morning? Yeah, your scalp and hair matter just as much. Getting a sunburn on your scalp is no joke! I’d suggest putting some light sunblock on your scalp, where your hair is parted and then give your hair a little spritz of some UV protection with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil primer spray.

Lastly, the weekend’s over, and it’s sadly time to take down the rave hair. Unravel those braids and finger comb through your hair, don’t brush it yet! For shower time, I’d recommend a clarifying shampoo like Sunday. Maybe shampoo twice to make sure you got all the products, glitter, sweat, and debris out. Then treat yourself with a Bond Building Repair Treatment! Thoroughly saturate your hair and let it sit for a bit, your hair has been through a lot the last few days, and it deserves a drink.

Happy raving, and book your appointment for festival braids online!

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