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Hello friends! I’m back again with our ever-popular blog theme, fact or fiction. Today we’re going to discuss and debunk some fundamental hair color myths, so let’s put down our brushes and our developer and hold off on any hasty decisions for the time being.

Let’s start with a relatively simple myth I’ve heard in passing at the salon a couple of times. The answer is no; your eyebrows do not HAVE to be precisely the same color as your hair. While it might be more aesthetically pleasing for one’s ocd to have their eyebrow color and hair color the same shade, it’s not natural. If you’re a brunette like me, it’s typically proper if your eyebrows are a shade lighter. And then vice versa for blondes and redheads; it’s more realistic if your eyebrows are a shade darker than your hair.

Next, let’s tackle this complicated topic that I recently started grappling with personally. Can stress accelerate the growth of gray hair? The answer is a technical yes and no. This kind of thing is genetic, and we have no control over it. However, if it’s in your genetics that stress can accelerate gray hair on your head, then the answer is yes. We all handle stress differently. Our bodies all react to it differently. Just take good care of yourself, babe.

For the grand finale, we’re going to talk about at-home color. Why you shouldn’t do it and why it’s horrible for you. We’ve all heard hairdressers complain about box color. As a licensed professional, I know and love the color lines I use. I know that they’re good quality, reliable and that I can pull it back out of the hair if I need to. Not to mention that my formulations are explicitly tailored to my client and the needs of their hair. Box color doesn’t do that. The companies that make box color always put 40 volume developer in their kits, which nobody really needs. The higher the developer, the deeper the low-quality color pigments penetrate into the cuticle, making it ultimately more damaging and difficult to take out. In addition, the color is simply unreliable. The outcome is always splotchy, uneven, and unpredictable.

The other at-home color option is an undercover killer! Do not EVER touch henna hair color! Companies like Lush always get you by marketing it as a trendy, natural option that’s long-lasting. It’s long-lasting, all right, because there is no such thing as getting it out. Period. At least with box color, we can get it out slowly over time and somewhat maintain the integrity of your hair. Henna either does one of two things when your try to lift it out. It either stays precisely the same and doesn’t budge. Or, your hair melts off. Like, clean break, your hair will come right off in the foil and everything. Glad we’ve cleared up this myth.

This is it for this week’s fact or fiction! I hope all of you enjoyed and maybe took a thing or two away from this week’s article. You can always book an appointment online with us and ask your stylist any additional questions you may have about your hair!

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