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Fact or Fiction - Shampoo Edition

As your friendly neighborhood hairdresser, I get many questions from friends and clients alike about their hair! They always want to know if that thing they heard through the grapevine is correct or if it’s merely a rumor? Well, today, we’re going to address some myths about hair care and determine if they’re fact or fiction! There are a plethora of topics to cover, so we’ll stick to shower talk today.

Let’s address one of the most common questions. How often do we shampoo? I’d just like to say that there is no real answer! Everyone has a different scalp. We all have different needs. You have to do what works for you. If you have a normal scalp and only need to wash your hair every 3-5 days, that’s great! But if you overproduce sebum or have a problem scalp in general, wash it as frequently or infrequently as you need. There’s no need to use a clarifying shampoo every day or dry out your scalp; HOWEVER, you don’t want to let build-up clog your follicles either! I tend to shampoo every three days. If I need to, I’ll shampoo twice if there’s more build-up than usual. Click here to read my article on dandruff if you need help with that.

Another tall tale regarding washing your hair is whether you should arrive at your hair appointment with dirty hair… Um. On behalf of all hairdressers everywhere, please don’t do that to us. It’s not a big deal to come in with clean hair. If you have to choose between real dirty hair and freshly washed, just wash it. Second or Third-day hair is typically perfect! I’ve personally had a few anonymous clients arrive in quite a rough shape because of this myth. Not only is it harder to work through the dirt and grime on your hair, but like. Why? You wouldn’t get a massage after going to the gym, would you? Don’t do that to your hairdresser either, please and thank you.

If you’ve ever heard a nasty rumor that you shouldn’t use conditioner if your hair is greasy, do not listen. Conditioner is essential for your hair. It provides vital nourishment and moisture! If you’re having a massive problem with oil, first make sure you’re using your conditioner correctly. Only apply conditioner to the mids and ends of your hair. Never directly to your scalp. Ever.

If you’re still having problems, invest in a clarifying shampoo like Sunday from Bumble and Bumble. But don’t use it every day! It’s a powerful one, so only use it every so often or maybe every other shampoo if you feel the need.

Lastly, I’ve heard a couple of clients say that they change shampoo and conditioner every few months because their scalp “gets used to it.” I just want all of you to know that this is literally, scientifically impossible. You’re scalp and hair can’t be immune to products. Unless your fav brand changed its formula, let’s be logical and consider environmental factors. Did the outdoor temperature adjust dramatically? What is the current humidity percentage? Are you applying a new or specific kind of hair color or treatment directly to your scalp? It couldn’t hurt to check the ingredients list on the back of the bottle and see if there’s something you’re allergic to in there. If you’ve found a shampoo and conditioner duo that works for you, keep using it and give it a chance to do its job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Hair Care Fact or Fiction- Shampoo Addition. I’ll be back to address some more myths soon.

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