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Fall trends to die for!

Hello and Happy Halloween, Bauman beauties! The warm-toned, spooky autumn season is upon us and the trends this year are so much fun! So, let's talk about what's popular in hair, Halloween, and fashion.

Red hair has been on the rise once again! Last year the lighter-ended copper tones were all the rage, but I have to say that this month deep and dramatic red violets have made a big comeback in my chair.

As far as fashion goes, oversized leather jackets have been sweeping the runways of Prada, Miu Miu, and Alexander McQueen.

The most exciting part of fall to me, of course, is Halloween. And this year is the Hocus Pocus renaissance! We never stopped loving the first movie, but now that the second movie is out, we are all reliving our childhood Halloween dreams with Hocus Pocus decor, costumes, etc.

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