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Hair Extensions 101

Hello and happy spring, Bauman beauties! The hottest news around the salon is that we will be having hair extensions on Sale until August! The deal applies if you’re changing extension methods or getting extensions for the first time. While I’m sure there has been a large influx of ladies taking us up on this offer, a thought occurred to me. I’m not sure if we’ve ever discussed how to care for your extensions properly. So, let me help you with this lifestyle adjustment without further ado.

You guys already know the drill! We have to start with a shower talk. Not much has to change, but you should deep condition your new hair at least once a week. If you’re not sure what to use, please grab an HIO Mask from B&B.

Regardless, if you’re brushing/combing your hair in or out of the shower, PLEASE hold your hair in a low ponytail with one hand and brush gently from the bottom to the top with the other! When your hair is dry, you should also be using a hairbrush with natural bristles.

To maximize the lifespan of your extensions, you’re going to want to treat them just as lovely, if not lovelier, than your hair. You should never go to bed with wet strands! You will wake up with a matted, tangled mess 95% of the time. So use plenty of heat protectants and give yourself a blow dry with medium heat. If you’re planning on using a hot tool like a flat or curling iron, turn it down as low as possible. Again, don’t be afraid to be heavy-handed with the Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist.

Speaking of bedtime, if you happen to be a violent sleeper or need to keep your hair out of your face for various reasons, I’d strongly advise putting your hair in a tension-free braid as your go-to-up-do! Then, top it off with a silk scrunchie, and you’re good to go!

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