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Hair hacks your stylist approves of

Updated: Aug 30

Let’s be brutally honest today guys, this new quarantine lifestyle has been really tough on everyone emotionally, financially, and especially physically (more specifically our hair). I believe that how you look on the outside can directly reflect how you might be feeling on the inside. And in the midst of a self-quarantine induced existential crisis, one might be tempted to do the unthinkable… Cut or color their own hair. (*insert dramatic gasp*)

So I’m here to give you guys some little hacks on how to SAFELY maintain your own hair from home!

Hair Hack no. 1 - Color

Lucky for us, the brand that we all know and love, Bumble and Bumble, has already been one step ahead of the product game when it comes to maintaining your color between appointments. Although it doesn’t equate to a real root touch up and toner or glossing service, B&B really came through for us with their Color Sticks, tinted Hair Powder, and Color Glosses.

Hair Hack no. 2 - Treatments

Has your hair been a tad lackluster? Have you been missing out on that funky sounding treatment that your stylist typically recommends at most of your appointments? Well, put down the coconut oil ladies! Now is a great time to learn about Olaplex systems, and to give our hair some extra TLC in our spare time. Let me just take a minute to say that Olaplex is an extremely trustworthy brand that I personally adore and use on the large majority of my clientele.

For maintaining the health of your hair after chemical services, I HIGHLY recommend Olaplex no. 3, now available in a larger bottle! No. 3 is an at-home treatment that you can use up to 2-3 times a week. Just saturate your hair with it and leave it on for at least 10 mins. Or you could do what I’ve done personally, and leave it in while doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Multi-tasking at it’s finest, haha. Then when you’re done, just shampoo and condition it out.

Hair Hack no. 3 - Cut

Typically, I never condone cutting your own hair. Even as a hairdresser, I find it very difficult to cut my own hair. However, I understand how it feels when you just can’t stand it anymore and NEED that cut. So, instead of telling you not to, I’d like to give you the proper tools to learn how to trim your hair yourself.

For those of you with much shorter hair, I took the liberty of filming my own little tutorial back when salons were still closed. I converted the tool shed in my backyard into a little makeshift barbershop and I show you guys how I shave my father’s neckline quickly and easily!

For dusting your split ends, I’d recommend this short video tutorial by Curt Darling. For this specific technique, he demonstrates how to twist sections of your hair and gently snip off the dead little hairs.

Signing off

On behalf of J. Bauman salon, I’d like to finish by saying that we hope you, the reader and client, are staying safe and sanitary. At the current moment, both J. Bauman Salon locations are open and taking appointments so, remember to pre-book, and here is what you should expect at your next visit. I hope that these stylist approved hair hacks are useful to you if you’re still self quarantine-ing, and if you’re not feeling too hot and need to be tested, here are a few places where you can do so.


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