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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Earth Signs-

Goodmorning my gorgeous Taurean god(s)desses! I’m a Taurus myself, so I can’t help but be biased with my own kind. Us beautiful bulls tend to be dependable, tranquil, and dare I say it… A little stubborn. You and I both know it. I think the product that embodies us the best is the Bb Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist. It’s a light heat protection spray that’s meant to be sprayed on dry hair and it smells DIVINE. You should be using this spray before touching that hot tool every time. Period.

Practical, meticulous, modest. These are all adjectives I’d use to describe a Virgo. For you guys, I’m picking the classic Bb Thickening Spray. This simple spritz keeps your blow out under control all day. Use it for extra volume throughout or for extra help taming your cowlicks!

I’ve never met a Capricorn I didn’t like. And that’s the truth. Y’all are grounded, disciplined, and a little traditional in your ways. I can’t help but think of a classic pomade when trying to choose a product for you. But not just any pomade! Sumotech by Bb is a holy grail must have for anyone with a chic short cut. It’s part wax, part creme, part paste. In other words, it’s perfect in practically every way.

Air Signs-

This troublesome twin is just too much fun to be around. Geminis are outgoing, impulsive, and adaptable. Y’all are definitely Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Soft Texture Spray. It’s like the perfect cross between the Dry Oil spray and the Dryspun spray. You get the best of both worlds and a little oomph but not too much, just like a true Gemini.

Lovely, lovely Libras. We all know and love you as the diplomatic, charming, and compassionate friend. You’re a strong person. So strong infact, that you’d be the Full Potential Shampoo. It’s a breakage preventing line with creatine to encourage stronger and fuller locks every time you use it.

Aquarians are an entirely unique breed. There’s no one out there quite like you, babe. Y’all are fearless, eccentric humanitarians. Which is why I think that you all live in your own category, as a Bb Color Gloss! Touch up your color or give yourself some shine from the safety of your own home!

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