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Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray Review

Undone texture isn't a new revelation in the world of hair trends, but it certainly isn't going away anytime soon. Bumble and Bumble's latest addition to its range of texture products, and to its best-selling Hairdresser's Invisible Oil (HIO) line, Soft Texture Finishing Spray claims to use HIO's signature 6-oil blend to give the effect of "bedhead, if you snoozed on satin sheets." With a plethora of other texture products on the market, I wondered what distinguishing characteristics this product would display over its competitors to make it worth its $32 price tag.

The Claims

HIO Soft Texture Finishing Spray claims to provide protection from color-fading UV rays, light hold, and create soft texture using silk powder. It claims to be the perfect texture product for those with dry-to-parched or damaged hair of any density.

My Experience

To fully get a grip on how to best utilize this new product, I decided to try it out on myself, as well as a couple of choice clients who have different hair types from my own. Here's the breakdown of my experiences with each:

Fine, color treated, low density

Firstly, my own hair. I used HIO Soft Texture Finishing spray according to its instructions (Shake well. Hold 8-10 inches away, and mist evenly throughout dry hair. Use more for more oomph.) after curling my hair with a 1-inch wand. My first impression was that it did, indeed, leave my hair feeling nourished and soft. After a couple of hours, however, the light hold that it had initially provided seemed to deflate.

Normal, Dry, High Density

On this client, I finished with HIO Soft Texture Finishing Spray after a classic round brush blowout on freshly trimmed layers. Her hair, though not color treated, tends to be naturally on the dry side. After using this product, her hair, too, felt nourished and had a healthy shine, and seemed to help define her layers. She reported back after several hours to let me know that the blowout had held up perfectly throughout the day.

Fine, Chemically Damaged, Medium Density

This client has stick-straight hair and is constantly seeking more texture, but classic texture products can be drying for her platinum blonde locks. I used HIO Soft Texture Finishing Spray after a blowout to make hopefully keep her hair from falling too flat. Again, her hair was touchable and soft, and the texture I had worked into her haircut was brought out. After several hours, she let me know that her hair still looked and felt great, but that it had lost a little bit of the volume we had blowdried in.

Final thoughts

After spending some time with this product, I've come to the conclusion that it is, indeed, best suited for those with hair that is "dry-to-parched" as Bumble and Bumble originally claimed. The amount of hold in this product is minimal, but it is great for defining layers and highly-textured haircuts. If your hair is anywhere from normal to oily, consider Bumble's Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray Instead. Overall, I'm glad that this product fills the gap in Bumble's texture product range, so that there is something to recommend to people of all hair types. If you're seeking soft texture without any gritty or mattifying effects, HIO Soft Texture Finishing Spray is a great choice.

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