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Heatless Hair for Heatless Days


It’s been super cold as per usual around this time of year. For whatever mysterious reason, in Central Florida, it doesn’t get super chilly until January, when the holidays are over. So, this lack of heat got me thinking, what would I do if I was interested in styling my hair without an absurdly high temperature? Lately, I have seen a surplus of various rollers and tools in the bathrooms of other women. So, let’s talk about the most effective mode of styling.

First, let’s run a quick product review. You need something to assist you in your air-dry journey, and what would you use that could be better than Don’t Blow It by B&B? Depending on your needs, they even have two different creams to choose from! There’s a Fine and a Thick option, so you don’t need to be stuck in that pickle of, “I want to like this product, but it’s too heavy.” Or “I want to like this product, but I just emptied half the bottle on my head.”

And just in case you need a little extra grit, there’s also a Surf Styling Leave-In! It’s essentially like a cousin to Don’t Blow It; only it has that fabulous Surf Spray formula worked into it to help with oomph!

Next, let’s talk tools! Of course, you could always reach for the classic velcro or foam roller set. Regardless of how old the technique may be, they still find a way to resurface onto the heads of women that can’t live without that bouncy blow dry look.

Now, this tool is the latest and greatest in heatless hair technology! It has been sweeping the internet on Instagram and Tiktok. Disclaimer: you will look like a founding father with it in your hair. Just go with it, ok. So you take this satin pool noodle thing (buy the satin one, not any other fabric. The satin band will be the best option to keep your hair silky smooth.) And clip it to the top of your head. Then take sections of your hair and wrap them around the noodle like a braid. Lastly, secure the ends with the cute little scrunchies that come with it and voila! Go to sleep, wake up, unwrap, and enjoy your heatless blowout!

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