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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Hello, Bauman beauties. With a heavy heart, I’m typing while watching King Charles III give his first speech since the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. To honor her extraordinary legacy, let’s review her most notable fashion staples throughout her elegant 96 years of life.

Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t exactly known for her rapidly changing hairstyles. Haha. The Queen was not a victim of the trends. She stayed true to herself as a woman of her era and carried on with her beloved roller sets. As a hairdresser, I have to say that setting these is difficult for me and is something of a lost art.

Her Majesty has vehemently used the following product in her vanity over the decades. So much so that her hairdresser had to personally contact the nail polish brand and ask them to supply her with more bottles of her signature shade. Ballet Slippers by Essie is a perfect light pink, almost nude color and completely complements one’s natural nails. I relate because there’s no worse feeling than when your favorite product is discontinued.

If you ever catch me at Sephora with 15 of the same moisturizer at the checkout counter, don’t ask me too many questions!

Throughout all the years of matching colorful ensembles, complete with florals, lively hats, and ballgowns. I have to say that my favorite outfits that the Queen has worn are where she is comfortable and casual. The ones where she was likely on the way to tend to her horses or relax at Balmoral Castle. I feel that she’s not dressing for an audience in these moments. She’s just Lilibet in her plaid skirts and black Wellies.

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